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This page is a translated version of a page Th143/Hints and the translation is 100% complete.

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If you think it is too difficult Let's find the item that is suitable for the stage


If you think that you can not really clear it Let's postpone until a strong item is available


It is also important to shoot surely Let's quickly defeat the boss


When the number of scenes that have been equipped and cleared increases The item level will rise


If you clear it without using items You will have cleared all the items!


"Hiratari cloth" leaves the button pressed You can extend the invincible time


"Tengu's toy camera" keeps the button pressed You can adjust the shooting timing slightly


"Collapsing umbrella of the gap" leaves the button pressed You can adjust the timing of appearing from the outside of the screen


Once you get a new item, a simple scene It is also a hand to raise the level by clearing


"Yin and Yang" hungry for blood "keeps pushing the button You can move the warp destination


"Ghostly feeding lantern" raises the level You will be able to invalidate most attacks


"Cursed decoy doll" is also an enemy bullet I will take it, but I will hardly depend on it


"Substitution Jizo" will rise in level Invincible time will grow

(Auto corrected to: 『身代わり地蔵』はレベルが上がると 無敵時間が伸びるぞ)


"The casting hammer (replica)" It's plastic but it's strong