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Terjemahan oleh MizakiHatate

Music titles translation
No. 1 Raise the Signal Fire of Cheating


  Tema Skrin Utama.

Since this is a game where you spend lots of time on the title screen, the song is a bit more energetic.

Based on its usage, it should probably be called the "stage select theme."

No. 2 Cheat Against the Impossible Danmaku


  Tema Peringkat Terawal.

Because the music in this game is not related to the characters, it feels more like generic combat music. I couldn't make track lengths fit stage lengths,

because they're meant to be endlessly retried.

No. 3 Midnight Spell Card


  Tema Peringkat Awal.

I gave this track a night-like feel since the stages take place at night.

It has a rushing feel, so try not to linger in these stages for too long.

No. 4 Romantic Escape Flight


  Tema Peringkat Tengah.

This one is completely different and cheerful. By this point, you can't beat the stages

quite so easily, can you?

No. 5 Eternal Transient Reign


  Tema Peringkat Akhir

Went with a moderate theme for the end. But this danmaku is hell. Maybe this song invokes desperation instead.

Perhaps these cards really are impossible?

No. 6 Mermaid from the Uncharted Land



Pernah digunakan sebelum ini dalam "Double Dealing Character".

No. 7 Reverse Ideology



Pernah digunakan sebelum ini dalam "Double Dealing Character".

No. 8 Illusionary Joururi



Pernah digunakan sebelum ini dalam "Double Dealing Character".

No. 9 Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain



Pernah digunakan sebelum ini dalam Mountain of Faith.

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