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Icon th145.png東方深秘録 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo (th145)

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Game-specific syntax

Thcrap supports 2 special syntax for this game in story mode.

- The game have balloons of different sizes. If your translation doesn't fit in the balloon the game uses but it could fit in a bigger balloon, you can choose the balloon used by adding <balloon:balloon name> at the beginning of the translation. For example, the first translation in Reimu's intro could be:
I found somethin' real
interestin' here at Kourindou.

The following balloon names are possible:

  • Normal (small, normal, big): a05x2, a11x2, a15x3
  • Shouting (small, normal, big): b05x2, b11x2, b15x3
  • Worried (small, normal, big): c05x2, c11x2, c15x3
  • Thought bubble (small, normal, big): d05x2, d11x2, d15x3

- If you can't fit your translation in the biggest balloon, you can add another balloon by adding a line with <balloon>. For example, I'll take the same translation, but display it in 2 balloons:
I found somethin' real
interestin' here at Kourindou.

You can also mix the 2 syntax.

Translatable content

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