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――The Hakurei Shrine.\.

It's been three days,

since Kasen left for the Outside World.


A turbulent atmosphere had just begun

to spread throughout Gensokyo,\.

ever since Reimu's fight with the shadowy figure.


Everyone could feel that this was,

because rumors of the Occult Balls had spread,\.

and more and more people were looking to complete their collections.


\c[210,180,180]Reimu: "I'm definitely getting all the balls this time!"\.

\c[255,210,255]Marisa: "I told you, didn't I?\.

Gatherin' all the balls is dangerous."


\c[210,180,180]Reimu: "Yeah, but aren't you always carrying one?"\.

\c[255,210,255]Marisa: "For whatever reason, you can't get rid of 'em on your own.\.

So it's not like I got a choice."


\c[255,225,185]Mamizou: "(She's late... that darned hermit.\. At this rate, someone's gonna gather 'em all.)"


Just as Mamizou was about to get impatient,

she heard a voice behind her:\.

\c[210,180,180]???: "Sorry for the wait."


\c[255,225,185]Mamizou: "You're pretty late.\. I'd been wondering if you were killed or something."


\c[255,210,255]Kasen: "I just ran into some trouble,

while looking for your souvenir.\.

I finished my own business immediately."


\c[255,225,185]Mamizou: "Whoops, sorry about that.\.

But I did keep watch over them for you."\.

\c[255,255,255]Mamizou pointed at Reimu and Marisa.


\c[255,225,185]Mamizou: "So, do you mind if I ask...\.

what were you doing in the Outside World?"\.

\c[255,210,255]Kasen: "Let's see,\. I guess you could say I was looking for something."


\c[255,225,185]Mamizou: "Oh?"\.

\c[255,210,255]Kasen: "In the end, it was just a waste of effort though.\.

What a pain."


\c[255,225,185]Mamizou: "I see.\.

Well, I don't wanna get wrapped up in anything troublesome,\.

so I won't ask what you're planning, but..."


\c[255,225,185]Mamizou: "...Isn't it about time for you to spill the beans?\. Pray tell, what is going on here?"


Kasen explained the true nature of the Occult Balls.\.

That they were made from Outside World matter,\.

for the purpose of breaking the barrier.


That once you've gathered seven, you're thrown out into the Outside World.

And the troublesome part, which was,\.

how you couldn't get rid of them on your own.


What Kasen kept secret, however,\. was the part about her meeting a human in the Outside World.


She had decided that knowledge of the existence

of such a threat in the Outside World should not be spread.\.

If people knew, it might lead to a war with the Outside.

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