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- Hakurei Shrine .

Three days passed since the Hanban fan traveled to the outside world

It was trying.


After Reimu fought with a shadow man .

Disturbing air begins to flow slightly to Gensokyo

It was.


The cause is occult ball rumors spread, .

It's because there are more people targeting completion.

Everyone was feeling.


C [210, 180, 180] Reimu "Next time, balls will get!" .

Marisa "So, collecting balls is dangerous

What? "


C [210, 180, 180] Reimu: "I do not have it all the time." .

Marisa "Somehow I can not let go of my own

So there is no choice. "


C [255, 225, 185] Mami wo (Person's guy, late. Someone will gather in this way)


It was the very moment when Mami solu began to rain. .


C [210, 180, 180]? What? What? "I kept you waiting"


C [255, 225, 185] Mami wo "It was quite late. . I thought I was being killed. "


C [255, 210, 255] Hanafuda "To find your souvenir

I just took time. .

My business was done soon. "


C [255, 225, 185] Mami yu "Oh, that has not done.

I kept watching the potatoes. " .

\ c [255, 255, 255] Mimizo points to Reimu and Marisa.


C [255, 225, 185] Mamiyou "I do not wanna hear it .... .

Ok you, to whom to the outside world? .

C [255, 210, 255] Kanagi "Well, for a while"


C [255, 225, 185] Mami wo "How?" \.

 C [255, 210, 255] Kanagawa "In the end, it is profitable for tired assault.  .
I will get it. "


C [255, 225, 185] Mami ei: "Okay, being caught up in trouble

Because you do not want your plan

I do not want to ask him. "


C [255, 225, 185] Mamizou "...... Potato, tell me soon

I can not give up. .

Now, what is going on? "


Kanayan explained the identity of the occult ball. .

Occult ball is a substance in the outside world, .

It is a thing made to destroy the barrier.


Gather seven and be thrown out to the outside world. .

The trouble is that the ball will let go of his own will

I do not seem to.


Huge fan meets people outside in the world I decided to lie down.


There is such a threat in the outside world.

He judged it better not to spread. .

It may be that you will fight outside if you know it.

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