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――The Hakurei Shrine.\. The shrine lies on the boundary between Gensokyo and the Outside World.


\c[255,210,255]Shinmyoumaru: "*shiver tremble*\.

I've seen something terrible.\.

I thought she was gonna eat me."


\c[255,210,255]Shinmyoumaru: "I never thought such brutal and uncivilized humans existed.\.

Or maybe she was a tanuki?"\.

\c[255,225,185]???: "What are you doing?"


\c[255,210,255]Shinmyoumaru: "Ah, I gathered the balls and saw something terrible."\. \c[255,225,185]Reimu: "Huh.\. Well, you reap what you sow."


\c[255,210,255]Shinmyoumaru: "What do you mean?"\.

\c[255,225,185]Reimu: "It's too much trouble to explain.\.

Actually, I don't think I could anyway."


\c[255,225,185]Reimu: "Having you sit there and cry is kind of a pain though,\.

so could you just leave already?"\.

\c[255,210,255]Shinmyoumaru: "Aah... Gensokyo's humans are so kind."


She never really believed that she could grow bigger\. by gathering the balls.


However, she's the type of person who wouldn't be satisfied\. until she investigated a silly rumor like that.


In the end, she was only made to realize the true breadth of the world,\.

but she's always been an inchling.\.

She's known how big the world is all along.

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