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# Name Owner
Stage 1
story-sinmyoumaru-stage1-2-1 Evil Sign "Eight-Shaku Occult Pillar" Ichirin Kumoi
Stage 2
story-sinmyoumaru-stage2-2-1 Plate Sign "Okiku Driven to Desperation" Mononobe no Futo
Stage 3
story-sinmyoumaru-stage3-1-1 *Cursed Dial-and-Drop Phone* Koishi Komeiji
Stage 4
story-sinmyoumaru-stage4-2-1 Unidentified "Scrolls of Flying Objects" Mamizou Futatsuiwa
story-sinmyoumaru-stage4-3-1 *Crowded Alien Ball* Mamizou Futatsuiwa
story-sinmyoumaru-stage4-4-1 *Let's Go Home Soon, Aliens!* Mamizou Futatsuiwa
Stage 5
story-sinmyoumaru-stage5-2-1 Psychokinesis "Psychexplosion" Sumireko Usami
story-sinmyoumaru-stage5-3-1 Psychokinesis "Telekinesis: Illegal Dumping" Sumireko Usami
story-sinmyoumaru-stage5-4-1 *Occultician of the Present World* Sumireko Usami