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This page is a translated version of a page Th15/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 The universe shrine maiden appears.


  It is the theme of the title screen. In the case of It became a Japanese style with a little Spacey.

It is the tension that the game of this time is incomprehensible.

No. 2 It's unforgettable, it's a warmth of green


  It is one theme. In the case of It is slightly longer than the first side. Since the game is long overall this time it is according to it. In the case of

It is Nori who is prepared for leaving a beautiful green earth for a while.

No. 3 The rabbit descended.


  It is the theme of Qing Lan. In the case of I felt a feeling that he enjoys battle very much. It seems that seriousness is not enough for rabbits. In the case of

I can not see it, but I have a tail.

No. 4 The lake reflects the moonlight of purification


  It is the theme of the second side. In the case of It is not amusing either the song or the latter part while memorizing the unreasonableness in the early development It became a feeling. In the case of

It seems that some people are only seeing the wave being bathed from the moon.

No. 5 Pumpkin in September


  It is the theme of Suzulu. In the case of Even the same rabbit is a back side system, Besides being a strong enemy, it seems that he is at a loss as to whether it is really right to fight It is a feeling song.

Of course, the dumplings received a delicious staff.

No. 6 A mysterious shrine maiden flying in space


  It is the theme of the third side. In the case of Seen as a universe, actually a certain kind of dream, a spiritual world. Fairies and ghosts over there are their dreams, are not they? In the case of

It is a tea senior who has a danmaku in a dream.

No. 7 Eternal Spring Dream


  It is the theme of the DREAMY suite. In the case of I'm giving a considerable sense of enemy. I want you to be thoughtful of the future, want me to be a nightmare I wrote with a thought.

Even if it is hurt, I should just dream it. Please ask Dolemy.

No. 8 Frozen eternal city


It is the theme of the 4th aspect. In the case of It is the capital of the moon. But for some reason it has turned into a ghost town. A song with a calm atmosphere will make you imagine madness in reverse. In the case of

It is something like STG from the end of RPG. Well it is the last stage.

No. 9 Wheel of Fortune to reverse


  It is the theme of rare God Sagume. In the case of Is it an enemy or a friend, is it a god or a demon, is the theme of a mysterious person. It became a mysterious atmosphere song. In the case of

Actually this is sort of a kind of obscenity. No wonder the second obliterator.

No. 10 Voyage far away 380,000 km


  It is the theme of the 5th page. In the case of It is a romantic song full of speed, changing atmosphere slightly. Feeling like going ahead with good tempo

Please feel the flight sensation and the preparedness to come far.

No. 11 Clown of the Stars and Stripes


  It is the theme of the crown piece. In the case of It is the fairy of the past madness level. Those who wear it are similar. It is a strange song that can take both Gothic and Japanese style with Spacey. It seems there are clown phobias in the world.

But this fairy clown is not so scary ... right?

No. 12 Sea where hometown stars are reflected


  It is the theme of the 6th aspect.    It is the sea. It is summer. In the case of This song is a subset of the songs of Rasubosu.

I want to go to the beach. Beer at the house of the sea.

No. 13 Pure Hue Lies - the mind's place


  It is the theme of a pure fox. In the case of I think that this is something else, I think that the song is the song Rasubosu. I stopped being too twisted, strangely attached or thinking too much. In the case of

Simple, please enjoy the barrage purely.

No. 14 The nightmare world I have never seen before


  It is the theme of the extra stage. In the case of Continuing from an eerie intro, the usual eastwardness flowing gently. I feel like extra indeed. Anyway, is Dolemi the enemy?

Or is it a friend?

No. 15 Pan Demonik Planet


  It is the theme of Hecatia Lapis lazuli. In the case of What a demonic song. I was actually thinking of a metal-like thing, but when I am aware of that It is not deep and it seems not to match the world feeling, so it is like this.

Hell -> Shinigami -> Death -> Death metal, is a poor idea.

No. 16 The moon seen from the shrine


  It is the ending theme. In the case of Well, it is the usual theme. In the case of I always make songs that are up tempo

I think it sounds like a song by Novelgae.

No. 17 Return to space maiden


  It is the theme of staff roll. In the case of It is another version of the title screen.   

I made it even more spacious.