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Versus <anyone>


2In the world of dreams

Desirability will appear as it is

Well there.


3My booklet is a dream diary All people's dreams are recorded

Versus Reimu Hakurei


4You in the world of dreams

I'm always relaxed

After a while?


5Thank you for your time.

<balloon $ a> Everyone in the Moon comes back

I came home.

Versus Marisa Kirisame


6You in the world of dreams

There are many superhuman behaviors and remarks

Perhaps there is a yearning for youkai?

Versus Ichirin Kumoi


7In the world of dreams

You are becoming a 阿 梨 ( え ら い 人) of the temple

There are many things. It's easy to understand.

Versus Byakuren Hijiri


8You are a world of dreams and the present world

It is not so far away

Is it also the result of my study?

Versus Mononobe no Futo


9You in the world of dreams

I often become a leader

There seems to be someone who is longing for you

Versus Toyosatomimi no Miko


10You dream of monitoring and dominating the world

I'm looking closely. Actually exclusively

You want to manage Gensokyo, do not you?

Versus Nitori Kawashiro


11You sleep well

I'm fingering a machine

I'm such a simple guy.

Versus Koishi Komeiji



Do not you have a dream?

My heart is squasky ...

Versus Mamizou Futatsuiwa


13In the world of dreams you

You seem to be frightened by humans

I wonder if he is afraid of outside people

Versus Hata no Kokoro


14You are brawling in a dream

It is a troublesome person

I wonder if my emotions are running away

Versus Kasen Ibaraki


15In the world of dreams you

In a peaceful and beautiful world leisurely

I am living. It is surprising.

Versus Fujiwara no Mokou


16You have a big dream

Did he quit?

You in the world of dreams are always quiet

Versus Shinmyoumaru Sukuna


17In the world of dreams you

You are well a giant

The complex is too strong.

Versus Sumireko Usami


18You are a special person

The spirit interacts with the dweller of the dream world

Coming and going

Versus Reisen Udongein Inaba


19Long time no

Thank you for your dream passage in the meantime

He seems to be doing fine

Versus Doremy Sweet


20A dweller in the world of a runaway dream I have to watch it

Versus Tenshi Hinanawi


21I came out, too freaky This pure spirit is a baby level

Versus Yukari Yakumo


22You are often in a dream world often You are lurking ...

Versus Joon Yorigami


23Did you mean: あなたは本当は慎ましく 質素に暮らしたいのね

You are truly modest

I want to live frugal


24Did you mean: いつもお腹いっぱい食べる夢 ばかり見てるわねぇ

Always eat a full stomach dream

I'm sure I am watching it.

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