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Marisa "Why are you fighting with you?" .

Koji "The freedom of the body does not work.

Before I knew it, I had it with my enemy. "


Marisa "Are you organizing with enemies?"

Well, the other party I am currently assembling ... ... .

Shionen "Fuuffuff ... It's late to notice"


Marisa switched it for her slave. There was a purple god of poor god there.


Marisa "Hey, I was possessed by the poor god.

Do not do that anymore, you will be unhappy! " .

Shionen "The goddess of victory will not smile at you anymore"


Marisa is obsessed possessed by the poor god unawares I fainted after being lost to the limit.


Female Enope "You worked well.

As expected, the legend Hey sister. . To a human being possessed by a sister

There is no way to win yet. "


Shionen "Ha, that is what I will win

Absolutely not that I do not have it. " . Female guest "Good, if I can win" .

Shionen "I want to take a little on your spill"


Female girl "With possession possession and sucking up human being .

Shion "I possess possession and kick off human's win" . Female ence "It is exactly the most incompetent combination. Now, I will take away luck from the audience. " .

Shionen "You did it, you are poor in this!"


Before I was made to exchange the slave,

Marisa and Koishi who had slaughtered each other. .

Their victory was hopeless.

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