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This page is a translated version of a page Th155/Marisa's Endings and the translation is 100% complete.

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From Tohuou 15.5 v1.10

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Marisa: Huh? Why am I fighting you?\.

Koishi: I don't have control of my own body.

Why am I'm working with the enemy...?


Marisa: Working with the enemy?

So, my partner is……\.

Shion: Hahaha. You've realized too late.


Marisa tried switching with her own slave. There was the Poverty God, Shion.


Marisa: Ahhh! I was possessed by the Poverty God.

I'm finished! I'll be miserable forever!

Shion: Victory will no longer smile on you.


Suddenly Marisa was possessed by the Poverty God and she lost consciousness with her luck lowered to the limits.


Joon: "It went well.

As expected, the legendary gloomy sister.

The humans you possess will never win again."


Shion: Sigh, that means I'll never win, right?\.

Joon: Who cares. As long as I win.\.

Shion: I want a piece of the action too.


Joon: "I, who soaks up the fortune of the possessed."\.

Shion: "And I, who kick out the luck of the possessed."\. Joon: "Precisely an unrivaled cursed duo. Now, let's steal this crowd's fortune."\.

Shion: "woohoo, no more poverty!"


Before they knew it,

the slaves were switched and Marisa and Koishi were caught in friendly fire.\.

Their victory was a hopeless one.

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