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The Hakurei Shrine.\.

A shrine in the outskirts of Gensokyo.\.

Today is a festival day.


Nitori: Come one, come all! \.

A Perfect Possession anyone can experience! \.

Marisa: Ooh, what's this?


Nitori: Perfect Possession requires\.

an incredible level of concentration. \.

It's difficult to do for an untrained, untalented human.


Nitori: So that's why us kappa invented a mask

that allows anyone to do it.\.

They can have that experience here.


Marisa: A mask that lets anyone experience Perfect Possession?\.

So you literally just reverse-engineered it?\.

Kappa tech is terrifying.


Kokoro: Okay, next in line!\.

Marisa: Oh, so you're helping out?\.

Kokoro: I wouldn't say I'm just helping out. The experience wouldn't work without me.


Marisa: What did you say?\.

Kokoro: The artificial Perfect Possession needs my power to control emotions.\.

Apparently they can't do that with tech yet.


Marisa: It needs the power to control emotions, huh?\. I wonder what the connection between perfect possession and emotions is...


The kappa's Perfect Possession experience was very popular.\.

It wasn't very useful to people who didn't make their living fighting,\.

but it was enough to simply tickle everyone's curiousity.


Most people were satisfied with just the experience,

so plans to mass produce the masks were shelved,\.

but it was quite profitable nonetheless.

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