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─ ─ Hakurei Shrine. .

A shrine in the east of Gensokyo. .

Today is a fair day.


Nigari: "Please come and see me, you are watching me. \.

Everyone can experience full possession " .

Marisa "What's going on?"


Nori "To fully possess it,

High concentration is necessary. . This is to the general human who does not train

It's a difficult trick. "


Nitori "So we can easily make Kappa

I made a face that can be fully possessed. .

I can experience it here. "


Marisa "If you have a full possession experience on your face ... ...?

The mechanism of full possession Did you analyze it? .

Kappa's technology is horrible. "


Kokoro "Yes, the next person" .

Marisa "Oh, are you helping?" . Kokoro "I feel like I'm helping you, or you do not have me

I can not experience full possession. "


Marisa "What is that?" .

Kokoro "In order to fully possess artificially, I need the ability to manipulate emotions, but .

It seems that we can not do it by technology yet. "


Marisa "Do you need to manipulate emotions? .

Between full possession and emotion

What kind of relationship are there? "


Kappa's full possession experience was popular. .

For those who are not engaged in fighting, It was not a useful one, but .

It was enough to tickle people's curiosity.


Because most people are satisfied with experience alone,

The mass production plan of the facility entered the store, but .

It seems that he was profitably profitable.

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