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This page is a translated version of a page Th16/Spell cards and the translation is 100% complete.

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# Name Owner
Stage 1
1 Butterfly Sign ‘Minute Scales’ Eternity Larva
3 Butterfly Sign ‘Swallowtail's Scales’ Eternity Larva
5 Butterfly Sign ‘Fluttering Summer’ Eternity Larva
7 Butterfly Sign ‘Midsummer Wingbeats’ Eternity Larva
Stage 2
9 Rain Sign ‘Captive Autumn Rain’ Nemuno Sakata
11 Rain Sign ‘Cursed Torrential Rain’ Nemuno Sakata
13 Blade Sign ‘Yamanba's Kitchen Knife Sharpening’ Nemuno Sakata
15 Blade Sign ‘Yamanba's Oni Kitchen Knife Sharpening’ Nemuno Sakata
17 Exhaust Sign ‘Mountain Murder’ Nemuno Sakata
19 Exhaust Sign ‘Bloody Mountain Murder’ Nemuno Sakata
Stage 3
21 Spring Sign ‘Surprise Spring’ Lily White
23 Dog Sign ‘Stray Dog's Walk’ Aunn Komano
25 Hound Sign ‘Mountain Hound's Walk’ Aunn Komano
27 Spinning Top ‘Koma-Inu Spin’ Aunn Komano
30 Spinning Top ‘Curl Up and Die’ Aunn Komano
31 Koma Sign ‘Solitary A-Um Breathing’ Aunn Komano
Stage 4
35 Magic Sign ‘Instant Bodhi’ Narumi Yatadera
37 Magic Sign ‘Impromptu Bodhi’ Narumi Yatadera
39 Magic Sign ‘Bullet Golem’ Narumi Yatadera
41 Magic Sign ‘Gigantic Pet Bullet Lifeform’ Narumi Yatadera
43 Jizo ‘Criminal Salvation’ Narumi Yatadera
45 Jizo ‘Hell-fire Salvation’ Narumi Yatadera
Stage 5
47 Bamboo Sign ‘Bamboo Spear Dance’ Mai Teireida
49 Bamboo Sign ‘Bamboo Crazy Dance’ Mai Teireida
51 Myōga Ginger ‘Forget Your Name’ Satono Nishida
55 Broadleaf Sign ‘Tanabata Star Festival’ Mai Teireida
59 Myōga Blessing ‘Behind You’ Satono Nishida
63 Dance Sign ‘Behind Festival’ Mai and Satono
67 Mad Dance ‘Tengu-odoshi’ Mai and Satono
69 Mad Dance ‘Frenzied Tengu-Frightening’ Mai and Satono
Stage 6
71 Back Sign ‘Halo of the Secret God’ Okina Matara
74 Back Sign ‘Halo of the Absolute Secret God’ Okina Matara
75 Hidden Summer ‘Scorch By Hot Summer’ Okina Matara
77 Hidden Summer ‘Scorched Earth of Abnormal Ferocious Heat’ Okina Matara
79 Hidden Autumn ‘Die of Famine’ Okina Matara
81 Hidden Autumn ‘Starving Preta of Abnormal Blight’ Okina Matara
83 Hidden Winter ‘Black Snowman’ Okina Matara
85 Hidden Winter ‘Snowman of Abnormal Snowfall’ Okina Matara
87 Hidden Spring ‘April Wizard’ Okina Matara
89 Hidden Spring ‘Sorcerer of Abnormal Falling Flowers’ Okina Matara
91 ‘Hidden Breezy Cherry Blossom’ Okina Matara
95 ‘Hidden Perfect Summer Ice’ Okina Matara
99 ‘Hidden Crazy Autumn Wind’ Okina Matara
103 ‘Hidden Extreme Winter’ Okina Matara
Extra Stage
107 Drum Dance ‘Powerful Cheers’ Mai and Satono
108 Mad Dance ‘Crazy Back Dance’ Mai and Satono
109 Bullet Dance ‘Twin Typhoons’ Mai and Satono
110 Secret Ceremony ‘Reverse Invoker’ Okina Matara
111 Secret Ceremony ‘Shot in the Back’ Okina Matara
112 Secret Ceremony ‘Dupion Barrage’ Okina Matara
113 Secret Ceremony ‘Flames of the Impure’ Okina Matara
114 Secret Ceremony ‘Kyōgen of the Back Door’ Okina Matara
115 Secret Ceremony ‘Matara Dukkha’ Okina Matara
116 Secret Ceremony ‘Sword of Seven Stars’ Okina Matara
117 Secret Ceremony ‘Performers Lacking Social Ties’ Okina Matara
118 ‘The Back Face's Dark Sarugaku’ Okina Matara
119 ‘Anarchy Bullet Hell’ Okina Matara