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This page is a translated version of a page Th165/Trophies and the translation is 100% complete.

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ID Title Description when unlocked Description when locked
0 The Legendary President of the Secret Sealing Club

You've conquered all of the nightmares!

Congratulations! The Secret Sealing Club is now a legend among the occultists!

The ending can be viewed here by pressing the button.

1 The President Who Took Back Her Reality

You've cleared the whole story!

Good job! You've defeated the culprit of the nightmares!

The ending can be viewed here by pressing the button.

2 Club of the Weak

You've cleared 5 scenes. Nobody knows about your little occult club yet.

3 A New Club of Promises

You've cleared 10 scenes. Seems like your occult club is getting some attention.

4 Rumored Occult Club

You've cleared 20 scenes. That occult club is famous among your fellows.

5 Respected Occult Club

You've cleared 30 scenes. You can't call yourself an occult fan if you don't know this club.

6 Sophisticated Occult Club

You've cleared 40 scenes. Ordinary school occult clubs are nothing compared to the Secret Sealing Club.

7 Prominent Occult Club

You've cleared 50 scenes.

The presence of the Secret Sealing Club has been exposed by several media


8 Unparalleled Occult Club

You've cleared 60 scenes. The club which everyone gathers around to peek at.

9 Theological Occult Club

You've cleared 70 scenes.

Beyond the reach of club activities, you have stepped into the

field of religious cults.

10 Esoteric Occult Club

You've cleared 80 scenes.

The existence of the Secret Sealing Club itself

has become a form of esotericism.

11 Legendary Occult Club

You've cleared 90 scenes. Your club activities are now involved with secret societies.

12 Your First Danmaku Photo

You've cleared Sunday. The game won't really start if you can't clear this.

Clear the tutorial. That's it.

13 Unending Nightmare

Sunday strikes again! But this time it's a nightmarish Sunday...

Once you've cleared certain scenes...

14 The True Nightmare Begins

The third Sunday. Is the week gonna repeat itself again?

Once you've cleared certain scenes...

15 Dream World's Demise

The fourth Sunday. The dream suddenly meets its end.

Once you've cleared certain scenes...

16 Sumireko, the Awakened Psychic

You've unlocked all of your psychic powers! Let the real games begin!

17 Ruler of the Dreams

The ruler of the dreams showed herself. Is she a friend or a foe?

18 Ruler of the Nightmares

The ruler of the dreams visits you again. She seems hostile, as you expected.

19 Ruler of the Déjà Vu

The third visit from the Dream Ruler. Is she inspecting you?

20 Your First Social Media Experience

You've taken 100 photos. You wish that people would view your photos somehow.

Take tons of photos!

21 The Cam Girl

You've taken 300 photos.

By analyzing how many likes you've gotten for each photo,

you've learned how things work on social media.

Take tons of photos!

22 Quantity-over-quality Photographer

You've taken 500 photos.

You feel like a real photographer by taking this many photos.

Not like the old plastic film, there's no limit to how many you can take.

Take tons of photos!

23 The Quick Snap Cam Girl

You've taken 1000 photos.

By now, the first thing you do is to just

take a picture of everything you see, whatever it is.

Take tons of photos!

24 Secret Sealing Instagr*mmer

You've taken 2000 photos.

You're now an expert on spirit photography!

Your smartphone has grown on you.

Take tons of photos!

25 Apprentice Bulle-stagrammer

You've farmed over 500k score in total! Now you are a newbie Bulle-stagrammer (Danmaku Instagrammer)!

Farm more score in total!

26 Popular Bulle-stagrammer

You've farmed over 1 million score in total! You've earned yourself some fame.

Farm more score in total!

27 Lionized Bulle-stagrammer

You've farmed over 2 million score in total! You've earned some royal fans, and you feel safe now.

Farm more score in total!

28 Charismatic Bulle-stagrammer

You've farmed over 3 million score in total! You're now a respected Bulle-stagrammer!

Farm more score in total!

29 Secret-Sealing-grammer

You've farmed over 5 million score in total!

No one could take photos as good as hers.

She is the only Secret-Sealing-grammer in this entire world!

Farm more score in total!

30 A Critical Shot

You've taken a photo that is worth 10k points! That's a pretty high-rated photo you have there.

Take a photo with high rating!

31 A Miraculous Shot

You've taken a photo that is worth 50k points!

You caught the perfect timing where patterns and enemies aligned.

How miraculous!

Take a photo with high rating!

32 An Ultimate Shot

You've taken a photo that is worth 100k points!

You risked yourself for this shot.

Nobody except you would be able to take an ultimate photo like this.

Take a photo with high rating!

33 A God-like Shot

You've taken a photo that is worth 200k points!

You analyzed pattern density, you and your enemies' positions

just to take this photo. Only the craziest people would do it.

Take a photo with high rating!

34 Secret Sealing Exposure

You've taken a photo that is worth 300k points!

The photo that reached the abyss of danmaku.

It's not computer-generated.

Take a photo with high rating!

35 Napping High School Girl

30 minutes in nightmares. It has merely started.

36 High School Girl in REM

1 hour in nightmares. You slept through all your classes.

37 Short Sleeper

3 hours in nightmares.

You can't have a good rest with nightmares.

You will feel tired in real life.

38 Sleep-Deprived High School Girl

5 hours in nightmares.

You want to rest, yet the nightmares won't let you.

This must be dealt with.

39 Sleepwalking High School Girl

10 hours in nightmares.

You can't tell the difference between reality and nightmare anymore.

If this keeps going, you will be swallowed by dreams.

40 Brittle President

You've missed 100 times. She's already worn out!

41 Zombie President

You've missed 300 times. She's already dead!

42 Bullet-eating President

You've missed 1000 times. Are you intentionally making her life difficult?

43 Whizzing Human

You've used teleportation 200 times.

This ability can only teleport a very short distance.

You can walk a bit faster with this.

44 Secret-sealing Teleporter

You've used teleportation 1,000 times.

Teleportation doesn't give a dime whether

you're gonna land on the bullet or anything.

45 Somewhat Immortal

You've triggered Death Cancel 100 times. You got saved a lot by that.

46 "It was just a dream"-End Immortal

You've triggered Death Cancel 500 times.

Your memory goes blank when Death Cancel is triggered.

The photo taken by it won't go into your camera roll either.

47 Super Dreamer

You've cleared the first week. Not sure why you only dreamed about small-fries.

48 Perfect Dreamer

You've cleared the second week. You dreamed in a place that was nowhere close to Gensokyo.

49 Violet Dreamer

You've cleared the third week.

You've conquered every single composite nightmare,

assembled by unusual pairs that nobody would think of.