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This page is a translated version of a page Th17/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 Silent Beast Spirits


This is the title screen theme.

I gave this title theme a dark and mysterious feeling. Since our destination is Hell, the track gives off the feeling

like you've got a tough road ahead of you.

No. 2 The Lamentations Known Only to Jizo


This is the Stage 1 theme.

A theme for Sai-no-Kawara, a place famous for its spirits of children getting bullied. Stage 1 has featured a lot of light and cheerful songs up until now, but if I had to say one way or another, the melody I composed this time has a melancholic feeling.

I think it portrays a rather Touhou-esque perspective on life and death.

No. 3 Jelly Stone


This is Eika Ebisu's theme.

It's a theme for a miscarried child with a knack for stacking stones. The song is quite cute, opening with a dark intro but continuing into a joyful, childish melody.

I also tried to give it a floaty feeling, like that of a jellyfish.

No. 4 Lost River


This is the Stage 2 theme. The theme of everyone's favorite place, the Sanzu River. Rather than a river, I pictured more of an ocean battle while composing this. The fish living in the river are extinct prehistoric fish, and there might even be creatures like plesiosaurs in there too.

It kinda gets your imagination going.

No. 5 The Stone Baby and the Submerged Bovine


This is Urumi Ushizaki's theme.

I aimed for a song that's dark, but not terrifically dark. As you can see, she's an "older sister" sort of character, so I added some laid-back atmosphere too.

I think it turned out as a good representation of the game as a whole.

No. 6 Everlasting Red Spider Lily


This is the Stage 3 theme.

Once you cross the Sanzu River, the world of the dead awaits beyond. I tried to create a Touhou-like view of the next world. A fantastical world of the afterlife, not really Japanese nor Chinese and Filled with East Asian nostalgia...

Perhaps this is what you'd get if you brought danmaku battles into a place like that?

No. 7 Seraphic Chicken


This is Kutaka Niwatari's theme.

A chicken god. Chickens tend to either be food or the targets of insult in both reality and fiction, but in this world, she seems to be a considerably honored god. I took a "rushing forth" feeling reminiscent of a chicken's walk, mixed it with the feeling of a formidable mid-game boss that brings a sudden difficulty spike, and whipped them together in a style fitting for this game.

Bon appetit.