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○東方鬼形獣 ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature. Trial Version

Demo Version Character Introduction

                              Team Shanghai Alice Leader ZUN

■1.Character Settings

◇Player Characters

* Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise
Reimu Hakurei

  Species: Human
  Ability: Mainly capable of flying in the sky

The all-too-familiar shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine.

A horde of animal spirits came invading from Hell.
One of the human-friendly animal spirits said it would lend her its power, and so she decided to venture into Hell.
Of course she didn't swallow its whole story, but since it would be better than going alone, and she could always kill the spirit if things went south, she decided there would be no disadvantage for her by cooperating with the animal spirit.

* Excruciatingly Ordinary Magician
Marisa Kirisame

  Species: Human
  Ability: Capable of using magic

An ordinary magician living in Gensokyo. She has a mania for collecting things.

When animal spirits possess something, it brings out a powerful power. She thought that it would be an extremely great idea to invite one of these animal spirits to her. She wasn't terrified to go to Hell but instead is excited to see what secrets lie there.

* Half-Human, Half-Phantom, Dual-Wielding Swordswoman
Youmu Konpaku

Species: Half-human and half-phantom
Ability: Handling sword techniques

The gardener of the Netherworld. She can be a bit dense.

Hearing that animal spirits were gathering in Hell, she went to go see what happened. The greedy spirits are relying on bodies in order to devour other creatures. If this were to continue, the surface will become a Hellscape only the fittest to be able to survive. Just who is sending these animal spirits toward Hell, and for who?  We'll have to go to Hell and what is happening.

◇Enemy Characters

* Stage 1 Boss
Stillborn Idol of the Riverbed

Eika Ebisu
戎 瓔花

Species: Spirit of a Miscarried Child
Ability: Good at stacking stones

An extremely skilled master of stacking stones.
Thanks to her extreme skill in stacking stones, she’s something like a leader of the miscarried spirits in Children’s Limbo.

Changing the plain and pointless busywork into something fun and meaningful, she’s also a god of fortune who can’t simply get up even when she falls over.
Clever and always cheerful, she holds new events like stone stacking contests one after another, making her the idol of Children’s Limbo.

She gets mad at the protagonists for spoiling the stone stacking contest, but in actuality this was mostly the fault of the animal ghosts from Hell.

* Stage 2 Boss
Parental Guardian of Ancient Fish

Urumi Ushizaki
牛崎 潤美

Species: Ushi-oni
Ability: To increase the weight of nearby objects

A terrifying oni who drags living, flesh and blood creatures into the Sanzu River.
Embracing a statue of a baby, she entrusts that baby to people, causing them to sink into the river as it gets heavier.
A wonderful youkai who exploits the kindness of humans.

However, as it’s forbidden to attack humans from Gensokyo, she now runs a fishing business on the Sanzu River.

Anyone trying to cross the Sanzu River without the protection of a shinigami will be attacked by giant extinct fishes or pleisiosuars or the like.
She’s tamed these giant fish and sometimes sells them in Gensokyo.

Sometimes other youkai make fun of her for toothless lifestyle, but she herself is proud of it.
Sometimes she leads people who cross the river by mistake back to the living world.

* Stage 3 Boss
The Clerk God of Hell’s Checkpoint

Kutaka Niwatari
庭渡 久侘歌

Species: God
Ability: To Cure Throat Diseases

A watchman for the checkpoints of Hell, the Land of Oni, and similar Otherworlds.
Her job is to sort humans and oni into their appropriate living places.

This time she heard from the Yama about humans who wanted to go to Hell, so she was worried how they’d fare in Hell and decided to test their skills.

While she works in Higan, that doesn’t mean she lives there.
It seems she normally lives in places with excellent views, like atop the waterfall of Youkai Mountain.

Her true identity is the god of wild chickens, before they were domesticated, Niwatari-jin.
While chickens are seen as frail and cowardly, she is a courteous and upstanding god who values impartiality and altruism.

Secretly, she thinks she’d be willing to do anything to raise the status of chickens, which have become merely food for humans.