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The Former Hell of Blood Pools.


A cursed facility that chipped away at the physical and mental strength of the wicked, before eventually taking those wicked beings in.


Less and less oni opted to manage it due to being so eerie and gloomy, even for Former Hell's standards, and thus the area became unmanageable.


The Hell of Blood Pools was burned and concealed by the flames. And when Hell itself came to be relocated,


The Hell of Blood Pools had disappeared into oblivion. No, rather, they had forgotten about the villainy that even oni were willing to commit.


Toutetsu "Not bad, but you still have a long way to go, it seems."


Flandre "I don't understand. No matter how much I attack, I can't seem to do any damage..."


Toutetsu "You haven't noticed? I can absorb any attack thrown my way. Challenging me is a foolish option!"


Flandre "I see. So this is what she was talking about. I'm the only one who can defeat you."


Toutetsu "What did you just say?"


Flandre "Don't avoid me!

I am a God of destruction who can destroy anything!

No one has ever eaten one of these and survived!"


Toutetsu "Keh-heh-heh... Interesting, but I'll greedily eat up even that!"


Toutetsu "I will absorb any attack. Now come on! You better not miss!"


Flandre "Take that! Scarlet Nihility!"


Flandre's all-destroying Spellcard had violently exploded.


It looked as though Toutetsu had been completely erased.

But although she couldn't be seen, Flandre could hear

Toutetsu's laughter coming from somewhere.


"Keh-heh-heh, I'm surprised.

It looks like she wasn't bluffing when she said she's going to destroy everything.

With vampires like this, it can't be easy on the surface."


And so, the area was thrown into complete silence.

It seems that Flandre was able to stop Toutetsu from

monopolizing the petroleum. For now, at least...


With this, it may be possible to keep the oil under control for a while.


Under the control of the secret god...

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The Hakurei Shrine.


A historically lawful shrine within Gensokyo.


The oil eruptions gradually diminished, and would soon disappear from everyone's memories.


Reimu "What the? What are you doing here?!"


Okina "Toutetsu is no more. Peace shall once again return to the surface world!"


Reimu "Well, that's all fine and good, but...

How were you able to get rid of her in the first place?

She didn't respond to any of my attacks, I was practically at my wits' end!"


Okina "Well, it's like this..."


Reimu "....What? Flandre did WHAT?!"


Okina "Indeed, for a taotie who can absorb anything, sending someone at her who can destroy anything was the best option."


Reimu "How the heck did you manage to pull her out of that mansion?"


Okina "She'd been locked away for a long time due to her dangerous abilities. I'm sure that must have been frustrating for her."


Okina "I told her there was someone she could destroy as she saw fit,

and she was quick to bite. On top of that, she was happy to hear

that no one managed to beat this person before."


Reimu "...You know, you seem awfully good at using people."


With Flandre's success, Toutetsu was no more, and the oil spouts had settled down.


However, Reimu wonders.


According to Toutetsu herself, she simply wanted to monopolize the oil, and had nothing to do with the oil spouts on their own.


Besides that, Okina's story seemed so well-prepared, to the point of it being unnatural.


While investigating the cause of the oil spouts, she had encountered Toutetsu.


Okina had brought Flandre onto the scene because Toutetsu couldn't be beat no matter much she was attacked.


She drove off the taotie, and the oil leaks had stopped at the same time.


Reimu couldn't deny that everything she was told had been planned from the start.


It was no wonder. The one who had set up the oil leaks was....


But Reimu would never discover that it was Okina who caused the oil leaks.

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The Hakurei Shrine.


A historically lawful shrine within Gensokyo.


Reimu "What? What are you doing here!?"


Toutetsu "Keh-heh-heh, please bear no ill will towards me. I had simply come here to speak of distribution of the petroleum resources again."


Reimu "Eh?! Distribution?"


Toutetsu "I had thought of trying to monopolize the oil, while ignoring what everyone on the surface would say."


Toutetsu "I was unaware that there was someone this strong above ground."


Toutetsu "I had decided that it would be better to form a cooperative relationship. I wish to form an alliance, if that's possible."


Reimu "Alliance? As in, the Gouyoku Alliance?"


Toutetsu "Keh-heh-heh, but of course. If this is realized, then I shall dominate the Animal Realm!"


Reimu "*sigh* Nobody on the surface wants anything to do with the Animal Realm."


Toutetsu "By the way, where is she? That splendid vampire who had destroyed my infinite stomach..."


The Scarlet Devil Mansion.


A luxurious but dim Western-style building.


Okina "I must thank you for your efforts in subjugating Toutetsu."


Flandre "But she is still breathing. I destroyed her, didn't I?


Okina "No no, you absolutely did destroy her. As a result, the Toutetsu above ground is a completely different individual."


Flandre "Eh?"


Okina "The 'Toutetsu' you fought was little more than a lump of greed."


Okina "The person you had defeated was someone who had absorbed the malicious intents within the Hell of Blood Pools."


Okina "Now, she has simply become a talking taotie that absorbed the greed of the surface."


Okina "Thank you, for destroying the taotie that no-one else could."


Flandre "Hmm...Well, I'm not sure I understood all that, but it sounds like good news!"


Okina "I see..."


Flandre "Well, if I see Toutetsu again, then surely it wouldn't be a crime to destroy her with all my might, yeah?"


Okina " *chuckle* That's correct.

Do call me again if you wish to do so.

Now then, I have another matter I must attend to, so I'll be off..."


Yuuma Toutetsu had spoken with the humans on the surface and the demons in Former Hell, and became one of the individuals managing the Hell of Blood Pools.


And Okina Matara had become its co-manager on behalf of the surface world.


Toutetsu had later learned that oil spills were a serious problem on the surface world.


The petroleum leaks were set up by Okina in order to make Toutetsu a common enemy above ground.


After everything had settled, everyone had danced to Okina's script of putting the oil under her control.


But for those who knew of the hopeless future surrounding petroleum, Okina having taken control of it was seen as a good thing.


That is because Okina is a secret god who makes everything hidden. Therefore, petroleum was once again hidden at the bottom of the earth.


Along with a disturbing element known as "Toutetsu"...

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