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Old Blood Pond Hell.


It was a cursed facility that diminished both the physical and mental strength of the villains, and even took in the villains after all.


There were fewer and fewer demons who wanted to be in charge of the old hell because it was too creepy and gloomy. The number of demons who wanted to be in charge of this place was gradually decreasing, and it was becoming unmanageable.


The Bloody Pond Hell was burned in the fires and covered up. And when hell itself was sometimes relocated...


Blood Pond Hell had vanished into oblivion. No, it was so heinous that even the demons were disgusted with it, so they had decided to forget about it.


Toutetsu "You seem to be moderately skilled, but you're not quite there yet."


Flandre "I don't feel like my attacks are working. ......"


Toutetsu "You have noticed.

I will absorb all attacks.

It would be foolish to challenge me to a fight."


Flandre "I see, this is what he was talking about.        You can't defeat me unless you're me."


Toutetsu "What the hell?"


Flandre "Don't avoid me!            

I am the God of Destruction who destroys everything!

No one has ever eaten one of these and survived!"


Toutetsu "Kooky ....... Funny, I'll even eat that greedily."


Toutetsu "I will absorb any attack. Now come on! Don't miss!"


Flandre "Take that! Scarlet Nihility!"


Flandre's all-destroying spell card exploded.


It seemed as if Toutetsu were gone. However, although I could not see him, I could hear Toutetsu laughing from somewhere.


"Kook, I'm surprised.

It looks like he wasn't bluffing when he said he was going to destroy everything.

With vampires like this, it's not going to be easy on earth."


And the area became silent. It seemed that we had managed to get rid of the Taotie who were hogging all the oil.


This might help us control oil for a while.


Under the control of the Secret God. .......

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Hakurei Shrine.


It is a venerable shrine in a fantasy land.


The oil spill had naturally dwindled and was about to fade from everyone's memory.


Reimu "What? You?"


Okina "Toutetsu is already gone.         There will be peace on earth."


Reimu "Yeah, well, that's fine.

But how did you get rid of it?

He didn't respond to any of my attempts to fight him, and I couldn't do anything about it."


Okina "It is. ......"


Reimu "...... Eeee!  It's Flandre!"


Okina "Yes. For a Taotie that absorbs everything.  It's best to hit her, who can destroy anything."


Reimu "How did you pull that guy out?"


Okina "He's always been locked up because of his dangerous abilities. He must have been feeling resentful."


Okina "When I told him there was one he was free to destroy. 

I told them I had a guy they could destroy at will, and they immediately started biting.

On top of that, they were happy when I told them that no one could defeat them. ......"


Reimu "...... You seem to be very good at using people."


Thanks to Flandre's efforts, Toutetsu was gone and the oil spill seemed to have stopped.



According to Toutetsu, she only wanted the oil for herself. She didn't seem to be involved in the spewing.


Besides, Okina's story is too well prepared and unnatural.


When I went to investigate the cause of the oil spill, I encountered Toutetsu.


I fought it and couldn't defeat it, so I pulled out Flandre.


Then Toutetsu was driven away, and at the same time, the oil spewing stopped.


I couldn't deny the feeling that everything was going according to the scenario.


That's just as well, because the oil spill was set up by ......


Reimu did not know that it was Okina.

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Hakurei Shrine.


It is a venerable shrine in a fantasy land.


Reimu "Why are you here?"


Toutetsu "Kook Kook, don't be so reluctant. I thought we could talk about the distribution of oil resources again."


Reimu "What? Distribution?"


Toutetsu "Ignore the people on the ground. I was going to keep it all to myself."


Toutetsu "I didn't know there was anyone that strong."


Toutetsu "It would be best if we were in a cooperative relationship. If possible, I would like to form an alliance."


Reimu "By alliance, do you mean something like the League of Stiff Greed?"


Toutetsu "Kook Kook, of course it is. If we can do it, we will be able to rule the animal kingdom."


Reimu "Haha.  Everyone on earth is not interested in the animal kingdom."


Toutetsu "By the way, where is he?  The sunny vampire who busted my endless stomach is at ......."


The Crimson House


It was a luxurious but dimly lit Western-style building.


Okina "Thank you for taking down the Taotie."


Flandre "I had a good response.  I thought I'd destroyed it completely."


Okina "No, no, no, they were able to destroy it properly. So the Toutetsu that is on the ground now are something else."


Flandre "What?"


Okina "The Taotie is the very stuff of greed."


Okina "You defeated an individual that absorbed the malice of the Blood Pond Hell."


Okina "You are now a talking Taotie who has absorbed the greed of the earth."


Okina "No one has ever been able to destroy a Taotie before. No one else could."


Flandre "Hmm, well I don't really understand it, but it's good news."


Okina "Ho-ho."


Flandre "If I see Toutetsu again, it's not a crime to destroy it at all costs. Doesn't that mean?"


Okina "Hmmm, yes.

If you feel like doing so, call me again.

Well, I have other business to attend to, so here goes: ......"


Toutetsu has made contact with the humans on earth and the demons of the old hell. He became the one to manage the Blood Pond Hell.


From the ground side, Matara Okina also became a co-administrator.


Toutetsu later learned that oil spills were a major problem on Earth.


The oil spill was a false anomaly orchestrated by Okina to make Toutetsu a common enemy on Earth.


And then, after everything was settled, he would proudly put the oil under his control, and everyone would dance to Okina's scenario.


For those of us who know about the desperate future of oil, we will be glad to have it under Okina's control.


She is the secret god who will hide everything from us. The oil will once again be hidden in the depths of the earth.


...... with a disturbing figure named Toutetsu.

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