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An ocean of oil. The bottom of the earth's depths. There will be no more life in the abyss.


The depths of the old hell were filled with a sea of oil.


Is it the voice of the mysterious liquid, the curse of oil? I think I hear an eerie growl coming from somewhere.


Toutetsu "Looks like oil is unfamiliar to you."


Reimu "Oh my god, it smells so bad ......, why are you okay with it?"


Toutetsu "This smell makes humans greedy and burns the world to the ground. It's great when you get used to it."


Reimu "Fill the earth with oil and burn the world to the ground ....... That's what you want! I won't let you do that!" 


Toutetsu "Hmm? Fill the earth with oil?              What the hell are you talking about? Who would do such a wasteful thing?"


Toutetsu "All the oil in this place belongs to me.      I will not give even a drop to anyone else."


Reimu "Huh?"



Toutetsu "Humans, return to the surface. The oil here belongs to us, the Gouyoku Alliance."


Toutetsu "But why is the existence of ...... known to the people on the surface? There is no way to know anything about this deep underground.   


Toutetsu "Could it be that oil is leaking out?         Kukuku...... is a waste of time, we can't let a drop leak out."


Reimu was driven out by the rising current of black muddy water and hellfire to a geyser center on the ground.


After confronting Toutetsu, the oil spewed a little less.


Reimu wondered if it was a warning. But that was a big misunderstanding.

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