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This page is a translated version of the page Th185/omake.txt and the translation is 100% complete.
○Bulletphiles' Black Market 〜 100th Black Market.


                 Team Shanghai Alice Leader ZUN


Hello, ZUN here.
This title was made in celebration of the 100th Comiket.
The contents of the game also reference Comiket, and tell the story of those who
engage in black markets as a separate, backroom trade from the regular market.
(There's no deeper meaning to it)

Wow, this turned out to be an unexpectedly bloated piece.
If you just want the story, you'll probably get to the truth relatively quickly
if you're lucky enough to get a good card, but if you want to collect *all* the cards...
Well, that'll be quite a challenge. A real slog.

It's a sequel to Unconnected Marketeers, but the major difference here
is the emphasis placed on RNG regarding the attack strategies.
Sometimes you'll get lucky and earn money, sometimes it'll be easy,
and other times it'll be impossible. This is a deliberate attempt to make the
game more varied, assuming it'll be played multiple times over a short period.
Because of the short play time, I've adjusted the game as much as possible so that
brute-forcing through it with lives and bombs is rarely the correct answer.
(Although it is possible to use such a strategy)

It's fun to think of strategies with a variety of card combinations,
such as ones that focus on attack power for immediate effect, on lives for longevity,
on earning money and hoping for black markets, et cetera...
However, no matter what equipment you use, it may ultimately be difficult to
clear the game without skills on your own part. But even though the game may
seem hopelessly difficult, it's fluctuating randomness may make it easier to clear if you're lucky.

Anyway, I think this game was made in a rather mysterious and fascinating way.
I was able to beat the final playtest as if I were playing the game for the first time.
(It was tough to clear the game, but don't worry, this version is easier than the one I played.)
Marisa's humanistic personality is also pleasant, so I hope that'll make
you challenge yourself to complete this game.

Also, Happy Comiket 100!
The world is still a very tough place to live in...The COVID-19 crisis is a reminder of this.

One has to acknowledge that humans are real and live real lives. Without understanding the basics of
trading―Namely, purchasing and selling goods―one cannot hope to create anything.

That said, good luck to everyone participating in Comiket!

ZUN (I've done so much running! I'm not getting enough exercise, though...)