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Welcoum n00bs!!! To teh future of trollin'.

bored of tohou bein all serius n shit? Lets screw shit up and make lolz out of it. it helps by...

Gtk-ok.svg global porn support– see lotsa pron from all ovah teh world
Gtk-ok.svg insta-updatez– porn can even update by itself!!! its so awsum!!!
Gtk-ok.svg uncensored– even new noobz can help contribute and share their own with the world to see!!!!!!
Gtk-ok.svg eternal– every1 sees our edited shit 4ever

cuz who needz "hackin'"? this patcher is da bomb man. only retards wuld rely on making their game shittier by hacking da filez

srsly tho, moar peepz need to learn2 calm their tits n shit n take trollin 2 a whole nu level. Disclaimer: The trolls will not be responsible for any damages caused. Proceed with CAUTION.


the reasons 4 trollin are follows


so some fagets on keep arguin bout changing shit all the time

so the shit u see in patches are nevar rly finished

yes, never

that means ur translashun patches are now uber shyt when u look at them again

the solushun? a speshul patcher that lets you keep updatin when shit happens

of corse it loox like da same as every shit wiki u see on teh interwebz

but trust me (not really), any shit u change in this site will affect ur game

so u can cum up with ur random shit for teh lulz and it will be insta-get 4 all the peeps 2 downlaod

masturbation rate

the fuking dumasses are soooooooooooo impatient

everytiem another zun game cumes out of his ass, people wont shut up about it

burning their balls would be the nice solution 2 this

after that, u can focus writin shit to maek da patcher werk once u get ur dirty hands on the game

tats why speed is important. i think

goin global

so... the patcher is for english srs bsns, amirite? WRONG!

trolls can rise up from da grave n edit shit 4 da lolz

of corse u mus translate in "en-lol" or else u will be b@nn3d 4ever

so if u wan to play srs, u can use "en"

but if u are smokin weed, use "en-lol"

the truth behind te scenes

tohou is da best game evar

and no1 can change dis fact

so new fags can enjoi dis seris like how we were like fagets back then

remember the tiem when people make hentai games of the latest touhou games 4 japan 2 enjoy? with the patcher, we cna enjoy the same thign wit everee1s h3lp.

so we put the jigsaw puzzlz 2gether 2 form a nude pic of the new boss.
dat simple.

other shit

enjoyin multishit

tis patcher lets u enjoy trollin and non trollin modes at the sam time

so if u see a troll thats not finished, use the english furst, then use teh trolls

of course i know it sounds shit, but ur better off seeing sumtin u know than seeing japanese shit

even better, le patcher can even change ur experience so that u will enjoy ur trollin experience unaffected by tiny fucking assholes

so in short it doubles as ur anti-bug shit

no hacking n shit

remember what i said above about not havin 2 modify ur files? well this patcher only uses the extra stuff u got and den aply it, but nevar used 2 break ur preshus game

about shit

srsly guys, this place is like touhouwiki. duh

no you dumb fuck. the purpose of this site is to change da text, not havin srs shit bout every single shit abut touhou

maybe you can say its a wiki, but only 4 dialog

stuffs n shit

Touhou Patch Center (abbr. thpatch)
its this website, u dumbass
Touhou Community Reliant Automatic Patcher (abbr. thcrap)
oh so that what crap means in short
Touhou Patch Wiki
to be confused with


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