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Project overview
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We're always open for artwork submissions to be used to appropriately decorate various parts of the project. Logos and icons for the patcher applications, backgrounds for social network pages, or even a completely new skin for this website - you name it. In the end, we're looking for a nice, varied artwork package that can inspire us to put artwork into places we wouldn't have thought about before.


The artwork doesn't necessarily have to be Touhou-themed. In fact, since we're going to expand this to Seihou and other games once we're done with Touhou, original characters, mascots, logos are certainly preferred over the obvious choice of just drawing a random Touhou character.

General guidelines

  • For all submissions, SVG is preferred over PNG. If it has to be PNG though, be sure to create your images in a very high resolution. ☺
  • If it's PNG, be sure to provide us with a Photoshop/Gimp (or similar) project file containing all the unique layers that make up your picture.

Artwork ideas

Wiki artwork

To spice up the presentation of this site, we could need a few custom graphics:

  • An icon to symbolize patch pages. This will be shown in front of the page title, just like the Yin-Yang orbs in front of section headings.
A smaller version would be used for links to pages included in a patch.
  • An unobtrusive background pattern for the various source code blocks used throughout the site. Something that, well, fits code.
2013-04-29T01:10:14  * Nazeo is unoriginal. He thought of a gear.
... or how about Matrix digital rain?

Example concepts

  • Marisa casting her "Orreries' Sun" spell card (similar to this picture), with country flags either replacing or being drawn into the orbs.
  • A globe, since the scale of the project is to include languages all over the world and perhaps even from other worlds. (If you can speak it, we can add it to the project. Take Elvish or Klingon as some examples)

... but really, feel free to draw anything you can think of that would suit an international, automatic patch project.

If you like to, you can draw a number of variations, so that the wiki and the patcher can all receive a slightly different logo.

The final logos are going to appear the following resolutions:

  • 128x128 for the wiki logo.
  • 32x32 for the program icon.
  • 16x16 for the wiki's favicon
  • 8x8 for links to pages on this wiki (not that important)



We'd like to use at least three different background pictures, representing the hacking, dedication and global aspects of this project. As we're about to cover the PC-98 games as well, it would also cool to have a separate background to represent the whole of those (making 4 in total)

If you want to go the extra mile, you could also supply animations for small spots of your images.

Facebook cover photo

Anything goes - just make sure that the logo doesn't cover anything important.


Logo commission from AbstractCactus

AbstractCactus Icon 01.png
AbstractCactus Icon 02.png
AbstractCactus Logo 01.png
AbstractCactus Logo 02.png
AbstractCactus Logo 03.png

Shinmera's banner