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This page is a translated version of a page Touhou Patch Center:FAQ and the translation is 100% complete.

Project overview
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=How dafuq do i contact teh us

if u no wiki code n shit, create a headr on dis VERY page m8

or if u fukn hate waitin 4 shit to come back, use teh discored, but speyk formlish! n pls dont b dat bitch hu wont stop usin irc jus do doscord liek all othr 12 y/os

or if u shy, then ur phuckd

Sum formal policies n shit

Dis wiki's relaion to touhouwiki.net

y dis patch aint on thwiki

Once upon a time, sum shitstorm or sumthin went ahead on ircs n shit, but its orl sortd n evrythins k

but apparntly thcrap wouldnt werkd on thwiki anywai from le beginin. y? idfk tl;dr, but basicly:

Sum "form over function" n shit liek dat.
dis stuff iz too posh 4 me 2 undrstnd.
but wat i think itz sayin iz dat thpatchs wikiformat iz not same 2 thwikis or sumthin liek dat.
Shit liek dat couldnt happen wif thwiki, so a new wiki it waz. also time comsuming n shit
moar dan 1 wiki for diff lingo
wen thwiki oncd immigratd away frm shitty wikia bak in day, they mulitculturlizd n spent millions of dollars on creatin diff wikis 4 diff languags. Dey in sumway sperate n shit, witch was bad 4 uz, y;no:
4 evry lingo, wed hav 2 fuk about creatn new wikis n formatin n copypasta n shit liek dat, n noone culd b arsd to do dat shit or sumthin liek dat tl;dr.
there4 dis wiki iz da best! we us wikimedia n shit, so we got gud n things r all inded gud!
endins n srs sit liek dat.
srsly m8s, no1 gifs a fuk if endins r posted in teh interwebs n shit. hfs evn zun woudnt gif a fuk. thwiki r very formal n dey liek "NO ENDINGS GTFO!!" despite not once any indicatn of zun visitin dat place. thpatch oweva r cool as fuk to b brave n post endin shit

basicly, wer bettr off not chattin about these issues n keep 2 thpatch sinc thwiki wouldnt care anywai, end of story k thx bye

but ZOMFG thwiki have awesome transatrs!

not 100% tru, no transatn n shit liek dat iznt nevr accurate as fuk. so u still fukd wen ur reading txt in teh games wif shitty trans n not undrstnd teh stories n shit. ur bettr off wif keeping wif en-lol 2 get da coolest stories fuk yeah!

but both thwiki n thpatch got sum CC licening of sum othr shit i dont undrstnd. so wat we phukrs do iz copy all eir shit n get awy wif it lololol. we still need 2 gif full credit 2 le original authors whenevr possibl, but noone dus dat anyways so dont worry m8

omfggtfo y do u think u bastuds' formatz bettr?

basically, we dont fuk about cuz:

  • all game stories n shit requires wat forml world clls a "|code= parameter" 4 sum .msg files dat r fukin hiddn away n shit. things r accurate as fuk so things r k. btw each line haz 2 lines, so evn in en-lol were fukn limitd. i no iz crap bro, but lol u bettr be thnkful u got an en-lol script
  • we also includ crappy spllcrds
  • n muzik commnts n shit

k, but fuk me 'endins'?

DAFUQ. We dont gif a fuk wat any1 ses, we post endin txt n graphics n shit
totally visible n trnslatabl liek teh rest of thcrap
regardless of zun said n shit. understnd? k thx bye
but k fair enuff if we git caught by zun m8

hardcre 2hu fans h8 dis shit, so it iz policy 2 keep teh endns regardless of any shit occurin

endins r such a fukin issu dat this was teh main reasn 2 creat dis websitz ffs

pplz apparntly took dis shit so hard dat tey thout dat we wanted zun 2 cum here n ragefuk about endins n shit; THIS AINT TRU! endns n all shit liek dat r fukin liek dialog n shit!

herez a gud argument; if endins n shit cannt b posted cuz of spoilrs n shit, shouldnt extra stg dialog n all shit on ex stg also b classd as spoilrs? u c ex stuff n shit evrywere

u got it? gud thnx k bye


yes we fukin do n00b, diz iz a wiki fgget. heard of wikipedia? cause u fukn have, were liek them. Her tho unliek thwiki, u get contrl of teh actual 2hus n shit n u cn create en-lol dialog n othr shit u wanna wank wif. pc98 havnt yet appear tho, soz.

but, if u wanna have ur own faggt translations, then Touhou Patch Center iz da wrong place 4 u bro/sis. u cn build ur own patch servr 4 sum reason tho

Translation practices n shit

how r translatns handld

  1. trnasl8 le texto
  2.  ????
  3. profit

idgaf if u have a flaem war bc ur lang haz over 9000 dialects an u keep using diff 1's. but maby us da talk pages instead so u dun look liek n00bs lmoa

cn u trans from jp 2 en ten en 2 de n shit?

fuk me ur a baka. YES U FUKIN CAN

ur teh translatr, so u do wateva teh fuk u want, espslly wif en-lol. admins wont notice shit

b sure 2 check where u transatd from tho sinc translations cn disimprov n shit so watch out 4 mistranslations. cool bro if u got email, dats retro lol, considrd shit by dheads n n00bs. uze dat 4 bettr notic


fuk nos

u mite liek 2 trans evrythin, but sum othr shit mothafukr dont. teh patch stalkin in thcrap cn allow u 2 have diff lingos so k dont worry bro

but dude were fukin strict wif duplication yknow. en-gb haz 2 put up wif a load of diz horseshit. so watevr u do if u want en in ur lingo, U BETTR LEAVE DEM FUKIN BOXS BLANK AS FUK M8

Fuk me i cant translate in2 a languag noone gifs a toss about

uze dat wikicode i zed earlir n post wat code u wanna trans 2, such as "fgwsigrskgjnk-lol"

sun splcrds n theme titles n shit r prt en prt jp. wft do i do?

omfg gtfo srsly dis q is dedundant. see #does EVERYTHIN NEED TRANS M8?

or, n #cn u trans from jp 2 en ten en 2 de n shit? n this idk y


cn i haz mediawiki markup?

rotflmao u no markup? lol k lemme answr

  • Eny wiki links get fukd up
  • use balled and italian text (cool kids only) and u can even do both but that isnt cool sry
  • Custom ruby markup (liek dis shit) iz k in Icon th11.png Subterranean Animism futurwards. pastwards, it fukd up (see bug #47). Dat said, Ruby annotations wuld nevr be uzed 4 en-lol, so dont gif a fuk about dese.
    • I still dont fkn know wat these jp dots r (・・・・・・) .
  • u cn uze   4 PADin, but en-lol shits on diz.
  • HTML tgs fukd up - fuk em, they bullshet on 2hus

cn i haz web connexin 2 uze teh patch

fuk no. u cn still get en-lols 24/7 even if ur dial up ran out of shitty 5MBs per month.

=wuld lingo dat aint got abc create probs

The Double Spoiler music room, displaying one test string comprised of multiple scripts.

no bro, we uze UTF-8 n shit liek dat, so u cn write in zh that haz non-hiragana kanji n shit

soz, right-to-left scripts aint gunna wrk props yet soz


dese patches r shite n gif dont fuk abot grammr fggt, but 4 sum rsn oui allw em idfk y. 2 mek thcrap cum dese fukrs, uze da best intrwebs cmmnctn emale n send ur bllcks 2 submissions@thpatch.net n well doo sum bakend bs ykno.

oui credit teh orignal pplz, evn tho dey only du fan-med hakin n shit on 2hus, n dat itsef iz cpyrigh i thnk idfk cpyrghtz soo fkn dtaild. if deres fuk all anywerez on ze patch, tell uz who teh fukr iz in da cool emales sis


lolz u fggt n00b fight me irl. y u no fukn rlize windws iz da mufrfukn best shethed. but 4 dose who aint a asshole, there suld b の fuk ups, but we dont 110% test faeces y;no bro.

I say sir, do I need to set the fonts myself? Are they changeable?

omfg junko gtfo u no welcome fomality 2 en-lol. n stop makin chan'E puns n shit. but yeah, sum non2hu fan creatd sum script patch 4 fonts wif abc n ажя, so dont wrry m8 k.

lingo wif 變態 n 변태 hav specific fonts or sum othr shet liek dat bro

but u cn uze ur own font fukr idk

also sum othr shet bout 2 fonts in 2 game diff idkf, but wat i kno iz it aint ovridabl or sumthin

demo ver??????????????????????????????????//////////

why dafuq u evn wanna pach da demo jst downlode da full gaym. but ya u can do zun demos sinc Icon th14.png Double Dealing Character dont give afuk abut oldr 1s & didnt cod dem fullee


git gud guides n spoulr txt files? txt files are sooo kawaii~~!!!!!11

ya y not, 4+ yrz ago we sed were gunna maik a gui soon(tm) an its gunna show dose tings

dat othr exe file dat cums wif mah downloded 2hu dat i nevr opun cuz its gud 4 nuffin?

4 sum reson ja. teh txt in dese r also dialogu liek in game fggt


OMFG Yes!!! Liek, UB is sooooo cool~!!!! Todally it's awesome!!! Isami is soooo kawaii~~!!1!! fufufu n Tenji, OMG his afro iz sooooo fukin awesome!!!!1!!! fufufu u cn, liek, get drunk n shit!!! Todalliee~~!!! u, liek, fly around n shet n shoot choppies @ drinks n grub n shit, liek, n u cn, liek, OMG todallie VOMIT liek, OMG soooo fukin awesome!!1!!! fufufufu OMG deres, liek, a cute lil pop-up pirate dat throws knifes n shet, like, fufufu, OMG SOOOOO FUKIN AWESOME !"!!!1 TODALLLIES!!!111!


dose non shuten game?

idfk wats happning wif th7.5 bro, but teh admins sed dey look @ dis shit after takin sum wed n shit. i thinx its cuz remi cant go outside n shit

ulilbitch iz dun, da othrz r soon(tm)

ofc only soku matterz, da otherz succ balsacc

=Teh sister project?

fuk yeah m8! Seihou iz da best! but fuk me it aint pop enuff, so if want uz 2 start hcking dese sweet gmaes fggt, den u bettr strt fukin votin!

but omfg twat teh 3rd gmae Banshiryuu iz fukin bllcks dude, i mean it iz srsly crap bro. thcrap aint gunna spprt dat shit cuz itz a fukin trainwreck m8. herez an exact copypasta of thwiki's opinion on it:

Banshiryuu, the third instalment of the series, is sometimes viewed in a negative light by some, classifying it as more of a fangame with no importance compared to the previous instalments. There are various reasons for this: VIVIT-r isn't the original VIVIT, ZUN had no involvement, the music, or it's characters that débuted in this game.

Dat shud gif u enuff 2 think about on teh shite gmae. rlly, itz fukin crap

also u herd of teh theory dat SEihou World iz sumhow connectd 2 giensokyah, cause u hav touhouwiki.png

=le Windows 98?

fukoff n00b

dat oldr pc rivling IBM or sum shit goin off in 90s jpn?

u mean teh PC-98 wanker fggt,


oui luv 2 doo teh pc98!!!!!!!!!! but honestly idfk wtfs happening. orignnly, thcrap waz gettin spprt of xJeePx or sumthin, but he finishd hackin pc98 other dank weed n stuf, n he went 4 a trip 2 makai n nevr returnd. u see a "All doubts about ReC98 have been removed" in teh site notice? sum shits bin happenin 4 months on tryna hack teh pc versn of snes, so u bettr b thankful summthins goin off mufrfukr.

gay 2hu gmaes dat shud b officializd by zun?

fuk nos

admins @ thcrap aint gunna waste time wif 2hu hentai, supr marisa world, thmufr, ctc, moedan, mugen, marine benefic, 2hu football, pokemon 2hu n all othr shit liek dat. howevr, oui WILL spprt eny fngme if u provide teh code!

teh code we expect iz so fukin hard 2 learn idf undrstnd eny of it ykno im so fukn hi rite now. sumthin about "injection"? i think they want u to inject crack in2 2hus n shit.

a game i creatd dat no1 gifs a fuk bout?

stfu nbdy want's 2 plai ur gam of raymoo chuting da girlz n havin sex but if u rilly want 2 transl8 here den us jason diff or fuckin polish 4mat nobudy uderstans jus copy wut we do lol

den write a letr to our discord.png dicsord or facebook.png boomr soshel meatia

anythinz zun haz touchd?

omg lololol iz zun ur senpai?? thcrap iz 4 real 2hus b zun, not fngames n othr bollcks zun may've touched upon fggt!

dat zed, MiMG wuld b an awesum game 2 spprt, SHINKIIIIIZ IN DAT GAME!!!!!!!!! N HER THEME WAS COMPSD B ZUUUUUNNN!!!! #shinki


fuk me dats a ton of work. who dafuq wanna try n translate EVERY FUKIN SINGLE JAPANESE GAME N MAKE THCRAP RECOGNISE EM?!?!? bro, that's verry deep shit, n seems liek a lot of work. u'd really hav 2 quit ur job or ur plazment @ uni if u wanna spend a lot of shit time doing dat crap m8

in fact fuk it thcrap shud bcum "Hentai Patch Center" n focus purely on generl hentai n shit

k thx 4 rdin bye