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This page is a translated version of the page Touhou Patch Center:Security and the translation is 47% complete.
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主要的安全手段包括禁止匿名编辑以及账户注册时的验证码保护程序(由ConfirmEdit 扩展提供),这些完全避免了所有常见的MediaWiki垃圾编辑机器人。

Since there have been no cases of abuse so far, we don't have any more sophisticated safety procedures against human spammers yet. For anything that comes to mind, we would need to give special rights to certain users. This would invariably involve group politics and unforeseen commitment on part of the contributors for a certain language.

As we're still busy with getting everything ready, this seems very much like feature overload at this point.

This means that, as of now, you should not expect us to "protect" your translations from anything that doesn't look like clear vandalism. The most active users don't speak every language present on this site, and couldn't distinguish between good and bad faith edits if the vandals are particularly clever.

However, we do have a few things in mind in case we're hit by extended attacks of vandalism one day:

  • Extension:FlaggedRevs seems like the cleanest solution. Pages are still freely editable (and translatable), but moderators for each language will have to review and approve each revision for use in the patches.
  • If that won't work with the translation functionality for some reason, we're going to switch to a "stable release" model. The converted patch data will then be hosted as a static archive, which is updated on a regular basis.
    This may sound like a step back the old static English patches at first - but keep in mind that both the local patcher (the program visible to the end user) and all the data conversion code continues to be used. Even patch stacking will still work. In the end, we'd only be losing one way of automation, which also happens to be the least important one in the process.



With the admin enjoying the fine art of trolling the Touhou fanbase himself, we know how powerful the appeal of lulz can be. But is has no place in the "normal" language translations.

If you feel that a translation of Touhou into gangsta slang, leetspeak, your local dialect etc. will bring such mayor lulz, then go ahead! Before you start, please request the admin to create an appropriate language code for you.




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