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This page is a translated version of a page Touhou Patch Center:Tutorial and the translation is 16% complete.
Outdated translations are marked like this.

Project overview
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Other languages:English 100% • ‎Spanish 16% • ‎French 100% • ‎Hungarian 22% • ‎Korean 100% • ‎Russian 77% • ‎Simplified Chinese 91% • ‎Traditional Chinese 94%

Dado que los traductores es lo mas importante dentro del fandom, lo hemos hecho lo mas simple posible.

Register/Logging in

  1. First, create an account by going towards the top right link (or clicking the hyperlink).
    If you already have an account, skip to step two.
  2. Log into your account with your username and password which will be located in the same place the registration was.
    (or click the hyperlink)

Changing the site language

The language of the site interface automatically defaults to the preferred content language set in your browser settings. This setting is also used to set the initial target language in the translation menu. Thus, we recommend changing it to the language you want to translate into - this way, you won't accidentally overwrite existing translations for another language.

To change this setting, click the Language Selector (the   Language button at the top of the page) and enter the native name of your language, or its ISO 639-1 code.

This setting is stored as a cookie and saved to your user account if you're logged in.

Starting a translation into a language not yet on the site

Most of the time, this is no problem. Just select the language like you normally would, and the administration will create the necessary links and portal pages for integration into the Touhou Community Reliant Automatic Patcher shortly after.

In case your desired language is not present in the list, simply leave a message on the main talk page. Setting up a new language is a very quick process.

Editing text translations

Games Supported Languages with >95% coverage Languages started & in progress
Icon th06.png TH06 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil inglés inglés británico Google Translate English alemán francés Spanish (Community translation) italiano indonesio húngaro portugués de Brasil tailandés tagalo coreano polaco 4Kids English griego Troll translations Yorkshire English finés luxemburgués malayo neerlandés ruso vietnamita Tiếng Việt (THVNFB translation) chino simplificado noruego bokmal checo Français québécois (familier oral) French troll translations sueco portugués
Icon th07.png TH07 Perfect Cherry Blossom inglés inglés británico Google Translate English alemán Spanish (Community translation) ruso italiano hindi indonesio portugués de Brasil griego ucraniano húngaro vietnamita tailandés coreano 4Kids English Yorkshire English finés francés luxemburgués Brazilian Portuguese troll translations Troll translations Tiếng Việt (THVNFB translation) checo persa noruego bokmal rumano sueco polaco portugués
Icon th08.png TH08 Imperishable Night inglés inglés británico Google Translate English alemán Spanish (Community translation) italiano hindi coreano tailandés 4Kids English griego finés francés húngaro indonesio luxemburgués neerlandés portugués vietnamita chino simplificado ruso tagalo sueco polaco portugués de Brasil
Icon th09.png TH09 Phantasmagoria of Flower View inglés inglés británico alemán francés hindi tailandés coreano 4Kids English Spanish (Community translation) italiano luxemburgués polaco indonesio Tiếng Việt (THVNFB translation) ruso ucraniano sueco portugués de Brasil
Icon th095.png TH095 Shoot the Bullet inglés inglés británico alemán indonesio ruso hindi tailandés coreano 4Kids English Spanish (Community translation) francés italiano lojban neerlandés polaco portugués de Brasil
Icon th10.png TH10 Mountain of Faith inglés inglés británico Google Translate English alemán Spanish (Community translation) ruso italiano portugués de Brasil hindi búlgaro indonesio vietnamita tailandés coreano 4Kids English griego finés francés luxemburgués neerlandés polaco checo sueco
Icon alcostg.png UB Uwabami Breakers inglés inglés británico alemán Spanish (Community translation) italiano indonesio Yorkshire English finés malayo luxemburgués coreano
Icon th105.png TH105 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody inglés alemán vietnamita ruso Français québécois (familier oral) coreano tailandés sueco
Icon th11.png TH11 Subterranean Animism inglés inglés británico Google Translate English alemán Spanish (Community translation) ruso búlgaro hindi vietnamita húngaro ucraniano tailandés coreano portugués de Brasil 4Kids English griego alemán suizo finés francés indonesio italiano luxemburgués neerlandés polaco Tiếng Việt (THVNFB translation) sueco
Icon th12.png TH12 Undefined Fantastic Object inglés inglés británico Google Translate English alemán Spanish (Community translation) ruso hindi tailandés vietnamita coreano 4Kids English finés francés luxemburgués portugués de Brasil indonesio sueco
Icon th123.png TH123 Touhou Hisoutensoku inglés alemán vietnamita ruso coreano francés tailandés Spanish (Community translation) sueco
Icon th125.png TH125 Double Spoiler inglés inglés británico alemán Spanish (Community translation) italiano hindi coreano tailandés 4Kids English Yorkshire English francés húngaro indonesio luxemburgués malayo neerlandés portugués de Brasil ruso
Icon th128.png TH128 Fairy Wars inglés inglés británico Google Translate English alemán Spanish (Community translation) ruso hindi italiano ucraniano vietnamita húngaro coreano tailandés 4Kids English Pirate English luxemburgués polaco neerlandés portugués de Brasil húngaro francés indonesio sueco
Icon th13.png TH13 Ten Desires inglés inglés británico alemán Spanish (Community translation) ruso italiano vietnamita hindi coreano tailandés 4Kids English griego Yorkshire English finés francés italiano luxemburgués malayo neerlandés polaco portugués de Brasil indonesio hindi sueco
Icon th135.png TH135 Hopeless Masquerade inglés alemán vietnamita coreano tailandés
Icon th14.png TH14 Double Dealing Character inglés inglés británico alemán Spanish (Community translation) ruso italiano indonesio ucraniano polaco búlgaro tailandés vietnamita coreano portugués de Brasil 4Kids English alemán suizo Pirate English Troll translations Yorkshire English finés francés croata húngaro luxemburgués mongol malayo noruego bokmal neerlandés portugués klingon Tiếng Việt (THVNFB translation) chino tradicional hindi sueco
Icon th143.png TH143 Impossible Spell Card inglés inglés británico alemán búlgaro ruso coreano vietnamita tailandés 4Kids English Spanish (Community translation) finés francés indonesio italiano noruego bokmal polaco portugués portugués de Brasil ucraniano checo sueco
Icon th145.png TH145 Urban Legend in Limbo inglés alemán indonesio vietnamita coreano tailandés hindi portugués de Brasil
Icon th15.png TH15 Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom inglés inglés británico alemán ucraniano ruso European Spanish (Suzunaan Blog translation) tailandés vietnamita coreano francés portugués de Brasil 4Kids English esperanto Spanish (Community translation) español latinoamericano húngaro francés canadiense indonesio chino tradicional sueco
Icon th155.png TH155 Antinomy of Common Flowers inglés alemán coreano vietnamita tailandés ruso rumano indonesio Spanish (Community translation) francés French troll translations portugués de Brasil
Icon th16.png TH16 Hidden Star in Four Seasons inglés inglés británico alemán ruso European Spanish (Suzunaan Blog translation) indonesio ucraniano vietnamita tailandés coreano tailandés checo Spanish (Community translation) italiano francés portugués de Brasil sueco Troll translations
Icon th165.png TH165 Violet Detector inglés alemán vietnamita European Spanish (Suzunaan Blog translation) tailandés coreano ruso Spanish (Community translation) indonesio portugués de Brasil
Icon th17.png TH17 Wily Beast and Weakest Creature inglés alemán ruso vietnamita coreano indonesio European Spanish (Suzunaan Blog translation) checo portugués de Brasil ucraniano francés tagalo sueco tailandés chino simplificado
Icon th175.png TH17.5 Touhou Gouyoku Ibun
Icon nsml.png NSML New Super Marisa Land inglés alemán ruso Spanish (Community translation) francés coreano
Icon megamari.png MegaMari MegaMari inglés alemán ruso Spanish (Community translation) coreano
Icon marilega.png MariLega MarisaLand Legacy
  1. Go to the main page which can accessed at anytime by clicking the logo.
    (Or again, click the hyperlink)
  2. Choose a game you wish to translate.
    On the right, you can see the list of translatable games, their progress in the respective languages, and whether they are finished.
  3. Choose a piece of translatable content you want to work on.
  4. Click on the small Translate this page label at the top of that page .

    If the page you are on already has a translation, it will instead say

    This page is a translated version of a page X and the translation is X% complete.

    In that case, the first link will bring you to the translation interface.

  5. Verify that the correct language you want to translate into is selected in the Language drop-down menu.
    This will automatically be set to the language of the site interface. If you had to change it, don't forget clicking Fetch afterwards.
  6. Double-click the message boxes and begin typing your translation in.
  7. Hit Save.
  8. Then, just follow steps 6 + 7 for the remainder of the boxes.

Things to know

  • If you're translating from another translation (most likely English), be sure to add the wiki page of this translation to your watchlist by clicking the star next to the search bar on the top. This will send you a notification whenever something has been changed and needs to be reflected in your language.
  • If any text of an existing translation (again, most likely English) would not change in your translation, leave the respective box empty and don't copy-paste the text. This way, everyone can take full advantage of patch stacking.
  • Refer to your language's portal page for stylistic guidelines.


  • Line breaks are never done automatically. It's up to you to make sure that the text fits into the dialog box.
  • You can always use a maximum of two lines for every message box, even if there is only one line in the original. The opposite is also true. We went to great lengths to make this possible, so please do make use of this. ☺


Since these do not show up in replays, the patcher can provide an unlimited amount of text lines here.

  • There can always be a maximum of 5 lines at the screen at any time.

Character name translations are automatically taken from the respective translation group.

Editing graphics

Compared to the simple translation of plain text, multilingual image translation requires a rather involved workflow:

  • (Optimally, the original text should be transcribed first.)
  • A basic image editing project needs to be created, erasing the original text, recreating possible backgrounds and selecting appropriate fonts.
  • The required fonts should be noted down so that the editors for other languages can obtain them.
  • The original text needs to be translated.
  • Finally, the translated text needs to be edited into the base image, taking possible sprite boundary limits imposed by the game into account. (As of now, we couldn't change those limits without including the whole ANM file with all its original uncompressed image data, which would unnecessarily bloat the size of the patches.)

Fuentes / Tipografía

Lo ideal es que las fuentes tengan una cobertura Unicode lo suficientemente grande para que la misma plantilla se pueda usar en varios idiomas.

Unfortunately, the most appropriate fonts often happen to have a rather limited coverage - and finding one that looks similar and has a wider coverage can be an arduous, if not impossible task.

Hence, you don't need to care about this for any other language than your own (but other translators would certainly appreciate it if you did).

A consistent appearance across the languages would surely be nice thing to have, but this is not a requirement or official policy - each language is still free to choose whatever fonts the editors prefer.

If you do care, here's a test string with characters from some of our active languages which might be problematic, for your convenience:


Efficiently testing translations in-game

Select the skipgame patch in addition to your translation to remove all gameplay sections and reduce spell cards to a few seconds. This leaves only the dialogue and spell card names and allows you to quickly proofread everything without spending time on dodging bullets.

El separado instant_ending te permite acceder a todos los finales haciendo una sola partida de juego en un momento.

Editing Music

Follow the tutorial here.

In-game TL notes

In Team Shanghai Alice games, these can be inserted basically anywhere text is rendered, using the {{Tlnote}} template; check that page for details. Currently not supported for Tasofro games, so don't use the template on their pages!

Italics and bold formatting is not supported, but you could try a Unicode boldness generator for A-Z.

Advanced configuration either in global.js (for all games), <game ID> (for a specific game), or in your runconfig:

    "tlnotes": {
        "reference_resolution": [1280, 960], // Valid for all games, even the 640×480 ones. Font and region size are relative to this one. You typically don't need to change this.
        "region_topleft": [x, y],
        "region_size": [width, height],
        "read_speed": 35, // In UTF-8 bytes per second; determines the scrolling speed of longer TL notes that exceed the size of the region. Higher is faster.
        "fade_ms": 500, // Fade-in speed.
        "valign": "top" | "center" | "bottom", // Vertical alignment for notes that are shorter than the height of the TL note region. Default is "bottom".
        "font": "'MS Gothic' 32 0 400 DEFAULT_QUALITY", // Using the same font syntax used for fontrules, explained in Also subject to those same replacement rules.
        "outline_radius": 2, // Capped at 15, because it's drawn on the CPU and actually not that fast, and everything larger just *really* looks bad.

To disable TL notes completely, simply add , "tlnotes": "" before the last } of your configuration file, created by thcrap_configure.