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I am mainly here not to translate, but to tidy up stuff and fix broken things because I am a perfectionist.

I have taken Spanish classes before, but I rarely use Spanish now, so it's a bit rusty.

For personal reference, here are links to the pages what contain the translatable character names and "template" names, respectively:

Things what I plan to do

  • I am going to make a root category.
    • Made the category, and sorted all uncategorized categories into it. Now I need to sort all uncategorized pages and files. (2023-09-27)
  • I think updating the marked translation revisions of all pages caused the commented lines at the tops of all Th06, Th07, Th08, and Th09 ending pages to have their unit names changed, so I will have to either change the names back or manually re-add the translations for each language by checking the page histories. I am changing the unit names to "1", marking the pages for translation, and copying over the original unit translations from the "-1" units. I have thus far finished Th07, Th08, and Th09. Finished all of them.
  • Add docs to all templates (after studying how each one works, obviously).
  • Replace any instances of deprecated HTML tags by referring to this page.
  • Go through all templates and mark any unused/broken ones (like Template:Navbox) for deletion.
  • Try to fix the broken ending links on the scenario pages (might require changing how Template:DialogTable/ending works).
    • Done. Now I need to add it to the scenarios of every game past Th13, and to Th105, because none of those games use that template.
  • Make this to-do list easier to read. Maybe add dates to each entry and to each entry update, and don't cross out things.

Things what I do not know how to fix

Things what I want to fix but can not due to lack of wiki permissions

  • MediaWiki:Common.css reports using the nonexistent template "Thcrap image" because the "i" is not capitalized, even though the usage is inside a comment. This bothers me. Fixed by making a redirect.
    fixed --Egor (talk) 02:41, 11 September 2023 (UTC)
  • Template:Thcrap Format is missing and has a bit of usage (specifically on Patch:Base TSA/Formats), but I do not know what the source of the template was when it still existed. However, Patch:Base TSA/Formats seems to be unused and pretty outdated, so maybe the page should just be deleted.
    The template never existed, and the hook has been removed in 2013. All the Base TSA and binary hack pages are actually extremely outdated, and we only keep them around for historical purposes. I created a very basic template for this page, so that it displays properly. --Egor (talk) 02:41, 11 September 2023 (UTC)
  • I marked a bunch of pages with Template:Delete (after remaking said template) because I can not delete them. They are listed in Category:Candidates for deletion.
    done --Egor (talk) 04:23, 11 September 2023 (UTC)
  • Can't add some TH games to Category:Games because some pages are locked. I would add it to Template:Thcrap Game info instead, but some Portal page uses that template too, so that would put that portal into the Games category. Did this on the same day I started this list.
    fixed --Egor (talk) 02:41, 11 September 2023 (UTC)
  • The "Target" in Template:Thcrap Target is not capitalized in a few pages, which makes them non-functional, and I can not fix those pages because they are locked. (For ease of access, this makes the link Template:Thcrap target.) Screw it; I made a redirect for it.
    fixed --Egor (talk) 02:41, 11 September 2023 (UTC)
  • Touhou_Patch_Central:Persönlicher_Aufruf uses "Template:Documentation/start box2" and "Template:Documentation/end box2", which both do not exist. However, that page has been locked, so I can not remove them.
    • And no, I can not make those pages into redirects for "start box" and "end box", because neither of those exist, either.
      fixed by grabbing the necessary parts from German touhouwiki --Egor (talk) 02:41, 11 September 2023 (UTC)
  • All of the "Binary hacks" subpages for pages in Category:Games lack the SubpageCategory template, but I can not add it to them because they are locked.
    fixed --Egor (talk) 02:41, 11 September 2023 (UTC)
  • Development notes/The month before Reitaisai 11 also suffers from the above issue.
    fixed --Egor (talk) 02:41, 11 September 2023 (UTC)

  • I marked more pages for deletion. Don't move this entry to the completed section if you do it, because this one will likely keep coming up. Just keep checking the category.
  • Change MediaWiki:Common.css to check for "YouTube" instead of "Youtube" when applying icons to the sidebar, because proper capitalization. Also requires changing MediaWiki:Sidebar.
  • Unlock a bunch of pages like Hardcoded ASCII strings and a bunch of the game pages (e.g., Th06). The page protection isn't consistent since later mainline game pages are not protected, so I feel that the older game pages should not be protected either. I think they were only protected because Template:Thcrap Game info used to be a hook, but it isn't anymore.
  • Change the source language of the three Spell Card Table subpages to Japanese. Or maybe just get rid of all of them and the root page as well.
  • Consider installing the following:
    • LuaJIT (This will allow for the creation of Modules, which use Lua. They can be invoked through Templates and would increase site performance if the Templates with many parser functions were ported to Modules.)
    • CodeEditor (Makes coding in the wiki editor much easier. Works with JavaScript, JSON, and CSS. However, the main reason why I am recommending it is because it works with Lua when Scribunto is installed.)
    • CategoryTree (Adds an "expand" widget to subcategories on category pages, and also adds a neat special page for viewing the category tree with any category acting as a root.)
    • Cite (Adds references. Seems useful in general. Maybe we can one day use it for translation notes like how the Touhou Wiki does.)
    • Linter (Adds a special page what lints these errors. This requires MediaWiki 1.41 or above, though. See the bottom of this page for comments on that.)
    • Scribunto (Required for CodeEditor to work with Lua.)
    • TemplateData (Helps a lot with creating Template documentation.)
    • TemplateStyles (Allows CSS to be placed on the pages of the Templates what they affect, rather than being lumped into a single page at MediaWiki:Common.css.)
  • Ensure that all of the wiki's software on Special:Version are up-to-date. I can technically check these with my current permissions, but I can't do anything about any outdated software.
    • When updating, make sure to read about any important changes for each update (e.g., MediaWiki 1.40 merges the RenameUser extension into its core, so it recommends uninstalling that extension).