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This is my userpage on THPatch center.

About myself

Hi! My name is Demynnfire, 18 years old boy from Hungary.

About me

A middle school student who likes to play Osu![1] Pokémon (that's a must for me) and MMORPGs'!

You can find me on

Steam[2] and IRC[3] mainly, and on some other sites too. Website[4]


If you want to contact me, join to my IRC #Demynnfire on Rizon.
(PS.: As my timezone is UTC/GMT +2 hours, I might not be active from 11PM to 1pm or 2pm because of school.)


By E-Mail:


Finished translations:

Template Texts Contributors: Demynnfire
Touhou 06 Contributors: Demynnfire‎, Koopie
Touhou 12.5 Contributors: Demynnfire‎, TheFalcon19
Touhou 12.8 Contributors: Demynnfire‎, Koopie‎, TheFalcon19
Touhou 14 demo Contributors: Demynnfire‎, Koopie‎, TheFalcon19
Touhou 08 Contributors: Demynnfire‎, Koopie