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Who the hell is this drunkard

My name is Drunk Aya and I am an alcoholic. I am exploring the idea of using ...

... Klingon ...

... as a translation for the Touhou games. Why? Aside from the giggle factor, it would be an interesting study in linguistics.


Well, it is actually a very legitimate question. It is very much a linguistic exercise and proof of concept in terms of translation. In Klingon, it is a very direct language. Japanese tends to be indirect. Having to convert an indirect language over to something direct and blunt is an idea that transends language. Why would Reimu say something in a certain way? What if a concept never exists in a language.

This is why the Klingon language one exists. I am currently heading it until I find some help within I am also trying to actually keep the knowledge fresh. Klingon actually helped me keep an open mind on things, and put new perspectives.

Besides, it would be hilarious to see it. Very hilarious. But in seriousness, it builds bridges and opens worlds.

I am taking a lot of liberty in doing translations and transliterations (such as the writing of the names and unknown concepts such as youkai (spelled ygh'qay) I'm pretty sure someone that knows better than me will start correcting my stuff. That's okay. Let me know, because I am trying to keep this knowledge fresh.

No really, who the hell are you?

I am Xavier Valentine. I am the Director of Marketing for Nekocon, an anime convention in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. If you see a pretty guy staffer in a dress that is yelling at people on what to do at a con, that is usually me. Say hi to me.


Alright. I know there's some leadership and editorial disagreements between and . I am the treasurer for . My involvement here will not affect decisions I make with the other, and vice versa. This does not reflect my feelings or opinions of the leadership of both sites. I am doing my job in a professional manner, and that's what I will do. No more. No less. I do the Klingon language here as a serious translation study. If you have any questions, you may email me at xavier (at) nekocon (dot) com .

I will not involve myself in a power struggle. I have enough of it as it is. If I get dragged in, it will not be pretty and it will be what I want and no one elses.