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Endings can be edited directly on the wiki now. This page and the end6 tool remain here for historical purposes. The new translation pages are located here:

th06/Reimu's Endings th06/Marisa's Endings th07/Reimu's Endings th07/Marisa's Endings
th07/Sakuya's Endings th08/Boundary Team's Endings th08/Magic Team's Endings th08/Scarlet Team's Endings
th08/Ghost Team's Endings th09/Reimu's Endings th09/Marisa's Endings th09/Sakuya's Endings
th09/Youmu's Endings th09/Reisen's Endings th09/Cirno's Endings th09/Lyrica's Endings
th09/Mystia's Endings th09/Tewi's Endings th09/Aya's Endings th09/Medicine's Endings
th09/Yuuka's Endings th09/Komachi's Endings th09/Eiki's Endings

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Japanese .end files

Icon th06.png Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Icon th07.png Perfect Cherry Blossom

Icon th08.png Imperishable Night

Icon th09.png Phantasmagoria of Flower View