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Hello, I'm fsvgm777 (or fsvgm or fsv if you prefer that). I'm 20 years old and I live in Luxembourg. I live extremely close to a train station (we're talking "visible from the window" close). I myself began playing Touhou in 2009-2010 with HRtP (which I consider to be a rather weird Arkanoid/Alleyway clone). Then I moved on to SoEW (I got to Stage 3 on Easy back then) and PoDD (I somehow got to Yumemi (Stage 9) on Easy on my first attempt). The first Windows game I played was EoSD (still on Easy). The second one was UFO (yes, still on Easy). Concerning these two games... Let's just say that I sucked back then. I've become a bit better overall (I can sort of consistently reach Stage 4 on Normal on all single-player danmaku games).

I liked the games, but I didn't consider myself a fan back then. I became one on August/September 2011 with... the Koumajou Densetsu games, because I really like the art style in these two games because they fit in the games really well (then again, I like Castlevania as well, as it's the only horror franchise that doesn't scare me at all for some reason (then again, it's not a survival-horror series)). Though, I do play (and like (sometimes a bit less, but not enough for me to actually hate)) the official games, so I'm not a Touhou fan solely because of the fan content. Although, I played the official games more ever since I played the Koumajou Densetsu games, which sort of doesn't make sense.

Concerning 1cc's... It's a fairly short list for now. I 1cc'd PoDD Normal with all characters, LLS Normal with MarisaB, MoF with ReimuB, PCB Normal with ReimuB, EoSD Normal with MarisaA and SA Normal with ReimuA. The game that I could potentially 1cc is MS Normal... but I keep dying with bombs in stock, which isn't good at all.

My favourite Touhou characters are Youmu Konpaku and Yuyuko Saigyouji... and if you see me as Yuyuko-sama on IRC, it means that I disconnected... normally.