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About Me


Hello there~ I'm Gamer251, as you've already seen.
I'm just your regular video game fanatic/student.
I enjoy playing different genres of games, reading books or visual novels, and cosplaying~

In real life, I am currently a High School with an interest in coding and photography.
Online, though, I am different. I spend most of my time on Touhou Websites such as MotK or Moriya Shrine.
I also frequent Steam, play Team Fortress 2 and others, mod the Official Touhou Games, or lurk Tumblr.

I'm currently working on my Mima mod, which is almost done.

Contact Info

Skype: DJ Flan (Gamer251)
Steam: Akihiko Sanada (Gamer251)
Facebook: Only for immediate response
Twitter: Randall Scarlet
Tumblr: Sister of the Scarlet Devil (NSFW Warning)
YouTube: rpgmmd
Project Website: The Amateur Modder
MotK: Gamer251


Summer Break April 2015 - August 2015!

Will work on Mima Mod until all is complete.
Also working on editing images for LoLK.