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"The best quotes are the ones taken out of context."

Who is this man and what does he do here

  • (Self Titled) Lead Graphic Designer of the 4Kids Touhou/Mysteryland Project
  • Helped make Touhou 6's EN translation look more visually appealing
  • Made a Sakuya mod for Touhou 16 in a single day
  • Has had at least a toe dipped into Gensokyo since (probably) 2016
  • Dipped into the Shadow Realm for 1.5 years but you can't get rid of me that easy

How I get things done

When it comes to translating images, I want to make it look as close to the original as possible.
This means I try to stick to the fonts that was used in the original graphics, however hard it may be to find those fonts.

Unless I have to buy them.
Then I just find something close and roll with it.

Another thing I like to have is CONSISTENCY.
This usually applies just to other instances in the same game, but it CAN apply to other games (an example would be making sure Illusion Laser and Homing Amulet had their proper names.) Most of the time, though, I'll just stick to what I'm told the translation is (I don't know any Japanese, you see.)

Touhou 6's Weapon Select (th06/select04.png)
Original Translated

Local man ruins Touhou

As for my work on the Mysteryland Project, I mostly do the same thing that I do with the normal English translation: images. I mainly try to get the text-based stuff down first, before I get to the dreaded part of the work: having to redraw each character from scratch with some design differences.

That being said, it's gotta be done at some point, right?

When I do actually get around to drawing them, I try to stick with the original designs as much as possible, to avoid having to redraw player and boss sprites as well. I don't even draw in ZUN's style, just my own.

But in the end, why do I do this? well, two reasons. A: I have nothing to better to do and B: to make everyone else's Touhou experience more enjoyable. Because isn't having fun what Touhou's all about? Actually, scratch that. It's about my eternal pain and suffering over these games. All my homies hate Red Magic.