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My girlfriend has an obsession with my past lovers. I lie in bed with Kay and she presses me for details of how I had made love with them. Although she would never use those words "make love," it was much too flowery sweet for her. It was not at all fitting with the way she enjoyed sex. She preferred the raw, the graphic, she wanted her dirty talk straight up. She used words like "fuck" when she wanted the kind of information that would get her all wet; when she said "fuck" I knew it was my mission to stoke the flames of her desire, and I was very likely to get my brains fucked out that night. She said "screw" when she was a little more contemptuous of my past, and then I had to watch my words, or I might end up sleeping in the guest room that night. She could be exasperatingly specific in her inquisition: how long did the sex last, were the girls more or less noisy than her, their preferred positions, did they let me cum inside their pussies.She often told me I was the best lover she had ever had and I think she wanted to get an idea of how she fared on my list of lovers. I'm not the kind of guy to compare McIntosh to Granny Smith, but I can say this girl was very unique in her tastes and desires, and she took me to places I'd never been before She always wanted to try something new, fuck in strange places, in new positions, there were endless fantasies that needed to be explored. I don't want to infringe upon her privacy, but I can say we styled many interesting experience for ourselves. One of her fantasies was to watch me fuck another girl. She figured the burning jealousy would drive her into a frenzy of desire, but I was a little more skeptical of the idea. I was crazy about Kay and never wanted to do anything that might affect our relationship. So it wasn't out of character at all for her to suggest during dinner at our favorite Thai place, that I take her to one my old hunting grounds and fuck her in the toilet for dessert. Our best choice for this endeavor was a foreigner's bar in America-mura, with old furniture and watered down drinks. It's popular as a hook-up place for those special kind of Japanese girls for whom nothing but a fat gaijin cock could ever satisfy their desires for a thorough shagging. I would never go there except for the free pool tables and the assurance that for the price of two drinks and cab fare I could get laid.We arrived. Balabushka's was the name of the place. Being a week night it was its usual half full. There were a few foreign guys shooting pool, hanging around too long after their shifts at any of the numerous language schools in the area, dressed in their work clothes, ties loosed. Cues in one hand and half full jockeys of beer in the other, they were trying to drink as much as possible while happy hour prices last. Most of these guys were fresh from university without much ambition other than to get drunk every day. They thought they were living the good life because at long last they had a few bucks in their pockets. There were a few other groups scattered around the tables and sofas, boys and girls together, or just girls, or just guys looking around to see if they could make eye contact with the girls, granting them the approval they required to attempt striking up a conversation, hopefully leading to a more desired type of intercourse. It all seemed rather silly and tedious to me after all these years. That had been me once, but suppose I've become the type of guy who appreciates the greater intimacy of a more committed relationship. I hadn't been to Balabushka's for five years and the place looked exactly the same. It had looked thirty years past due for a renovation back then, too. We got a couple of beers at the bar, about the only tolerable thing to drink in a place like this, found an empty booth by the wall and sat down. Kay immediately began to grill me regarding any past exploits originating in this over worn venue. She kept pointed out other girls in the place and asking me I'd like to fuck this one or that one. I enhanced my exploits as best as my imagination would allow. The more I could get her worked up over stories of hot sex and wanton gratification the harder she was going to fuck me when our time came. I told her stories of the New Year's Eve we had spent here. We hooked up with a group of girls, already drunk and crazy, dancing on the table with their skirts pulled up to their waists, and how I took them up to the loft one by one to ring in the new year by fusing genitalia. The stories were clearly having an effect free live sex; Kay pulled my hand down between her legs, slid it into her panties and made me rub her pussy while I talked. She was very moist and my fingers had no trouble finding their way inside. I was about to tell her the story of the Halloween party from a few years ago; every year it's a crazy scene with naughty nurses and degenerate Disney princesses, but this one somehow ended up with several naked intertwined bodies passed out on a bed in a love hotel with pieces of various costumes mingled together on the floor, imitating the bodies. However, just at that time an acquaintance I had not seen since my language teaching days recognized me, and after a little chit chat he challenged me to a game of pool. Kay told me to go ahead as she needed to use the ladies room. Maybe she needed to finish herself off.I hadn't touched a cue in several years. I was quickly dispatched and my friend was obligated to accept the challenge of the next contender. I was relieved to get back to my more important business. I moseyed back to the booth anticipating a resumption of our conversation, but my little Kay was not alone. She was sitting with another young lady. They were sitting fairly close and seemed to be chatting as if they were old friends. As I walked up they both turned to me and smiled. "This is Kitty," Kay said. We exchanged our hellos and I sat down next to Kay."No, no," Kitty said in the friendliest way possible, "sit here." She patted the seat next to her, signaling that she wanted to be the center of conversation. Kay gave an approving smile, so I shifted over to the other end of the booth.