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I'm Poke, Poke Eterey: a wannabe translator! Really want to learn to translate!

Helped with the Touhou 16.5, Touhou 17 Demo, and am currently helping with NitorInc: Touhou Microgames. So that is pretty chill.

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Basic Introduction

I don't know what you really want to know about me but I'll give you some tell you some things I guess.

1. I love Touhou! DUH! Why wouldn't you be here!

2. I like games! Another stupid thing

3. I'm in school still.

4. Oh yeah! I play Saxophone, violin, and a bit of piano!

I learned Japanese through my mom which eventually led to my interest in translation. I'm building experience right now, I hope to eventually be able to be better at it!

Hope I to learn and improve my translation.

My basic goals when to Translating

I guess I can also throw up my standards when it comes to translating. To kinda remind myself what I want to abide by. I mean... You can look at it too.

1. Make the translation... Natural.

A bad translation can change the audience's perception to take look at the game at a different light compared to one with a good translation

2. People correcting you is ok!

3. Take your time!

I know we go by fast but at least make it effective and nice! lol

4. Have fun with translation!


If you wanna hit me up on anything these would be the places to do it. If there are projects that need help translating, PLEASE tell me about it! I would love to help!

Discord: Poke Eterey #4062

Twitter: @EtereyPoke