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Hello! I'm RetroPowerMatt, RetPow for short. My favorites touhou games are HSiFS, IN, ULiL and AoCF.

Games Translated

I'm a new translator, my section is the Spanish Community translation, my games translated at the moment are:

Games completed

  • Highly Responsive to Prayers (Lunatic, both routes)
  • Story of Eastern Wonderland (All shot types/Normal)
  • Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream (Chiyuri/Normal, Kana/Normal)
  • Lotus Land Story (All shot types/Normal)
  • Mystic Square (Marisa/Normal)
  • Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Reimu B/Normal)
  • Perfect Cherry Blossom (Sakuya A/Normal+Extra+Phantasm)
  • Immaterial and Missing Power (Patchouli/Lunatic)
  • Imperishable Night (Yukari solo, Border Team Extra)
  • Phantasmagoria of Flower View (Shikieiki/Lunatic+Extra)
  • Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (All/Normal difficulty)
  • Hisoutensoku (All/Normal difficulty)
  • Hopeless Masquerade (All/Normal difficulty)
  • Urban Legend in Limbo (All chars/All difficulties + no deaths)
  • Antimony of Common Flowers (All chars/All difficulties + no deaths)
  • Hidden Star in Four Seasons (Reimu Winter/Normal+Extra)

Personal Information

  • My real name is Matias, so you can call me like that
  • I'm from Argentina
  • I'm 17 years old