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영야초 스펠카드 저장방식:

binhack 설명:

Icon th06.pngEmbodiment of Scarlet Devil (th06)

Icon th07.pngPerfect Cherry Blossom (th07)

Icon th08.pngImperishable Night (th08)

Icon th09.pngPhantasmagoria of Flower View (th09)

Icon th095.pngShoot the Bullet (th095)

Icon th10.pngMountain of Faith (th10)

Icon th105.pngScarlet Weather Rhapsody (th105)

Icon th11.pngSubterranean Animism (th11)

Icon th12.pngUndefined Fantastic Object (th12)

Icon th123.pngTouhou Hisoutensoku (th123)

Icon th125.pngDouble Spoiler (th125)

Icon th128.pngFairy Wars (th128)

Icon th13.pngTen Desires (th13)

Icon th135.pngHopeless Masquerade (th135)

Icon th14.pngDouble Dealing Character (th14)

Icon th143.pngImpossible Spell Card (th143)

Icon th145.pngUrban Legend in Limbo (th145)

Icon th15.pngLegacy of Lunatic Kingdom (th15)

Icon th155.pngAntinomy of Common Flowers (th155)

Icon th16.pngHidden Star in Four Seasons (th16)

Icon th165.pngViolet Detector (th165)

Icon th17.pngWily Beast and Weakest Creature (th17)

Icon th175.pngTouhou Gouyoku Ibun (th175)

Icon th18.pngUnconnected Marketeers (th18)