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I am working on a Norwegian language patch for ULiL.

I will be working on the English language patch for Touhou 17 when it comes out.

So, let me talk about myself.

I am Touhouyamax. I have known Touhou for only almost a year now (one year in August) and I have been interested in the patches. So I decided to join!

What will I do here?

I mostly work on doing Norwegian patches for the Touhou games and English patches for when new Touhou games comes out.

Media you can follow me on

Twitch: touhouyamax

Twitter: Touhouyamax

YouTube: The Perfect Yamaxandu 2


How can I participate in translating the new Touhou book? The Grimoire of Usami.

News on the Touhou ULiL Norwegian patch:

Right now, I am doing a update I call the Fun Update. This is basically the controls of the game translated into Norwegian and as well as NetPlay controls. Now Norwegian people can play NetPlay matches. But it's not done yet though. I may also translate the winning quotes from VS mode.

I am now also working on a Norwegian translation patch for Wily Beast and Weakest Creature! I figured it's a new way to get Norwegian people into Touhou.