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"I'll never look back, I've got no regrets."

Who I am and what I've done

  • Main Translator and Graphic Designer for Projeto Sacerdotisa (Brazilian Troll Translations)
  • Helped the actual Brazilian translations
  • Ex Jacutem Sabão (Brazilian Ace Attorney Translation Team) Graphic Designer
  • Translated Sonic Adventure and currently working on Sonic Adventure 2

How I translate

A direct translation is no fun, it's easy to do and just feels lazy.

My main goal is to make games accessible to everyone that eventually plays it.

Basing my work on both the direct translation and the English translation, I try to adapt any jokes that can only be understood in a certain language while still staying close to the original context.

Not only jokes, sometimes some characters speak differently from others, so I like to make some more informal than others.

When it comes to the images, I try to stay as close to the original as possible. But since some fonts are hard to find (or paid), I use different ones sometimes.