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Other nicknames?

小炎酱(Yans-chan)、炎子(Enko,more Japanese-style name)

How about your doujin circle?

炎灵人力机翻组(Yans' Labour Power-Based Mechanical Translation Group)

Any other? more,plz.

Yeah, here's empty. If you'd like to know more,go to here for more info about me.
Sasya is god! Riran is god! >ω<
Unoffical Simplified Chinese thcrap guide page

Thpatch Details

Currently I'm working on the Simplified Chinese translation of the latest touhou games (e.g. TH155,TH165).
Most of the translations are not made by myself. Dialog, charactor name and title translations are from THBWiki, the largest Chinese touhou-only wiki(Maybe?), And I just do the system strings and made the images only.
So the translations are community-based, I think.
Thanks to these hard-work translators, they made possible that we can enjoy the S.Chinese touhou world.

Works List

  • TH007 Starting.
  • TH143 Starting.
  • TH155 All Completed.
    • Names in chara select shows not so good, may need edited.
  • TH165 All Completed.
  • TH017 All Completed.
  • TH018 All Completed.

Special Thanks

I wish to express my gratitude to following men and groups. Without them I can't make it making patches.(In alphabetical order)

  • Brliron
Help solving many problems when I was in Discord.
  • Nmlgc
Some of the solution I found is in script_latin.
  • Roco2018
The special guy. The initiator of the project in thpatch S.Chinese from 2017.
Without him I may could not do these work.
  • THBWiki (and the translators)
Thanks to their hard works!
  • Touhou Patch Center
Yes,the magic site makes "Making patch" more easily.