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Image uploads

For image translation, the text that can be edited in the translation interface is only meant for the transcription of the translated image, not the translated image itself. The image has to be uploaded by clicking the Upload... link on the translated image page, which also automatically assigns the correct file name for the patch.

(The idea behind this split was that translation and image editing could be handled by separate people, and that the image editing part could even be automated in the future. However, most image editors seem to do both, and automating this is not even on the list of features we're going to implement in the foreseeable future.) --NamelessLegacy (talk) 16:25, 20 February 2016 (UTC)


How do i reply here..? I don't know if i have to leave this message on your "user-talk" page or something.. ..I just hope you see this!

Got it! Thanks for telling me! And sorry for any inconveniences i may have caused!

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