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"This is where I make my things, nearw na nearw nearw nearw!" - Bill Wurtz My repo


Dynamic Stage Title Collection: title+

First Released 03/25/2024

A compilation of the Dynamic Stage Title patches have been on the back burner for a while. Since I uploaded something yesterday, might as well throw this in as well real quick! Something of note is that any future Dynamic Stage Title patches will be added here, so as to not clutter the thpatch installer with the same stuff over and over. There's nothing new for now, but I'll try to update the list below whenever a new game is supported!

[Currently supports: LoLK, HSiFS, WBaWC]

titleplus banner.png

Lost Market

First Released 03/24/2024

Including spinoffs, there are 6 characters from WBaWC & UM who got left behind in 100BM as bosses. While they were represented with cards (for the most part), I always found it to be a huge letdown. This mod replaces Fourth Market (which was programmed to house 5 bosses) with a new one that features all these cut characters! This custom Market also includes a 5 new custom waves that appear alongside the existing ones and different dialogue to flesh things out. Oh, and the 6th boss can be found roaming in First Market, by the way!


Classic-Style EX Boss Spell BG

First Released 12/15/2023

Exactly what it says on the tin! Adds EX Boss portraits to their spell backgrounds like what Flandre up to Koishi did. Mainly a port using edited spell backgrounds from other mods I made with some changes here and there. This (ideally) applies to nearly every STG game from UFO onwards!


Custom Tsukasa Spell BG

First Released 11/04/2023

Tsukasa in 100BM and UDoALG reuses Megumu's Spell BG, which is a little lame, if understandable. That being said, this small mod ports Tsukasa's Unremarkable Marketeers Spell BG to UDoALG and 100BM.


HSiFS Dynamic Stage Titles

First Released 02/20/2023

A simple multilingual mod that adds a cool big graphic onto HSiFS's stage titles. (Example below!) A third one! Might compile all of these at some point. Also went for a different approach here with the big major text being the Japanese and English stage title rather than the stage number.


pofv with voice

First Released 02/18/2023

A joke PoFV mod that was spontaneously made. "I will swallow you, and then spit you out at other enemies!" - Yuyuko probably.


Merry Keikimas

First Released 12/25/2022

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I made something small and quick to celebrate. This revises Keiki's final attack, "Idola Diabolus," a bit into something just a little more interesting.

cake (real).png

LoLK Dynamic Stage Titles

First Released 12/04/2022

A simple multilingual mod that adds a cool big graphic onto LoLK's stage titles. (Example below!) Yes, you are reading this right, it was so nice, I did it twice! Same deal as the literal day-older mod right below this one, just without the dream part.


WBaWC Dynamic Stage Titles

First Released 12/03/2022

A simple multilingual mod that adds a cool big graphic onto WBaWC's stage titles. (Example below!) This cool big graphic is just what stage you're on. It's very large, so it has a bit of a transparency to it so bullets can't hide behind it lol. The multilingual part comes from the fact that the regular stage title stuff is moved up with the graphic where there is mostly empty space. It's like a case for a phone or something like that. Overall, nothing much, just a basic quality of life thing. This honestly came to me in a dream, and I wanted to follow it up.


Cirno's Cool New Deck!!

First Released 09/08/2022

Happy Cirno Day (at least in Japan)!! I made a thing for this occasion! It revises Cirno's already great moveset in 100BM and adds two more she can choose at random (like she uses Nonspell 2, then Spell 3)! Cirno also has a 50% chance of appearing in Market 2, so it's still possible to beat the game by having Urumi's Card (lol). 2nd Market also only has a single wave to cut to the chase, and it's a modded wave that replaces "Wheel Ghost Circle". However, if you're just here to see Cirno, try equipping Junko's Card, it activates a small surprise...! Also features a really cool arrange by "dBu!" Just really adored it after hearing it in a Danmakufu script. So, yeah! Once again, ode to the strongest fairy of all!!

Awesome Music by dBu


100BM Dynamic Stage Transitions

First Released 08/21/2022

100th Black Market is still a cool game two days later (lmao)! For the diligent card buyers out there, you can easily go by that timed background transition and be stuck on the transitioned background not even halfway into a run (mainly 5th Market). This "small" patch allows so that (basically) each wave zooms across the background to something new (like focusing to the left or right), rather than things to be on a set timer or have no transition at all. It modifies some stage instructions to do so, so it's likely not able to be stacked with other gameplay mods out there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Jo'on and Shion's (but mainly Shion's) Cards might goof a few slow transitions ever-so slightly, but they're still kinda harmless. Did work around Junko's Card, so that's cool.


100BM Nitori Sprite Retexture

First Released 08/19/2022

100th Black Market is a cool game. Talented sprite maker made a thing. Asked if it can be used for stuff. They said yeah. Just swaps Nitori's sprites with one that reflects the portrait. Weird considering Cirno did the reverse and went back to her PoFV design from her DDC one. Kinda a test mod for the game as it's still very new and all.

Sprites by "GreenDinobot."


VDR Alternative Cast Edition

First Released 07/28/2022

Well, here's that grounded thing I was taking about. VDR certainly had it's cast jump the shark on the 3rd Friday, I feel, so here's something to make the cast more balanced. This is an "add-on" for VDR that changes a few characters around in the peculiar 3rd Friday for funsies. Expect to see some returning characters and even some rejected ones! That's all, basically!

Same credits as last time lol.


Violaceous Dream Retrogenesis

First Released 05/29/2022

A mod that took, and I cannot stress this enough, a year and a half of on and off development. This is just VD but not as boring and recycled from previous games. Also serves as a tribute to whatever inspired me to make this garbage collection of mods. Pretty much a cool spellcard gallery I made in my spare time. While I like to compare the difficulty of KWBaWC to a (bad) CAVE game, this one is more on par with the first two photo games, "Shoot the Bullet" and "Double Spoiler," which isn't a huge downgrade to be honest. Enjoy the show! Just don't have nightmares about it.

Track 1 by Maki Track 2 by ちゃま太郎 Track 3 by Mafi Track 4 by ゆずれす/いちごパプリカ Track 5 by ゆずれす/いちごパプリカ Track 6 by Mafi Track 7 by Jani Track 8 by Jerrystuff (Ro)

Also featuring sprites by "GreenDinobot" and a Danmakufu script by "TalosMistake"

Finally, just a heads up, cameo characters that relate to Okina and dreams by "Bravi" and "PKWeegee" show up in the 3rd Friday and penultimate scene, the whole day being a tribute to what inspired me to make this, but I'm currently working on an alternative version that is more grounded, so stay tuned!


Hello World!

First Released 10/24/2021

A danmaku mockup showcase for a Stage 1 and 6 of a fangame minus the game. Made in pure fun. This fan work is honestly fantastic, and I wanted to contribute something to something, so here is this. Any actual fangame developers, feel free to use whatever silly ideas I have here for a serious fangame!

Music composed by the "Consonances & Dissonances" team.

Pretty much everything else by 秋ノ宮 飛鳥

New Project(2)(1).png

Unremarkable Marketeers

First Released 07/20/2021

This is a mod that is a scrapbook of ideas and messing around with the new game. Fun stuff. I had a lot of fun making this, so I hope playing it is just as fun!

Stage 5 Boss Music, A Trustworthy Deception, composed by "Pouty Keikie"

Final Boss Music, 「Relinquished Moonbow」, composed by "Yuutou"

Stage 4 Boss and Extra Stage Midboss portraits by 乙姫


Unconnected Marketeers Demo Medley

First Released 04/28/2021

A medley of the first 3 stages of UM crafted within HSiFS because why not? It's kinda rushed and laggy because this was for a contest, but I tried. I will also be crediting the music on my webpage on thcrap as well as in the usual location, the music room! Makes it much easier to share the songs and stuff!

Title Music, "卒業式", composed by "ゆずれす/いちごパプリカ"

Stage ??? Music, Reimagined Nature (Graceful Danmaku Festival), composed by "Princess Sylvyspirit"


No Head

First Released 02/18/2021

A mod I whipped in in 20, inconsistent days because I saw a boss rush video. That's it. It replaces Sukuna in DDC with a custom Sekibanki fight, so it's a lot like the Ringo mod in that regard, dialogue and all. Just no game breaking music this time. Don't take this one super seriously, that's what she wants you to do. :)

New Project(5).png

Morpho (HSiFS After Extra)

First Released 01/17/2021

Just wondering why wasn't this done earlier. This is a mod that has a "custom" Extra stage starring a certain established character, much like yuke's works, questionable difficulty and all. I started to work on this while KWBaWC was being tested, or rather not being that. I got a lot done during the huge span of KWBaWC's testings, so I decided to wrap this up real quick, about a month after it began. So much built up foreshadowing and potential on the character drove me to make this. Eternity is a cool character. That is all.

Lily White portrait by Zieghost.

New Project(7).png

Kaizo Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

First Released 12/30/2020

A mod that took 4 months to make out of pure spite of Kaizo DDC. Hopefully this will be a better representation of my original goals. Anyway, because the vanilla game had some of the blandest patterns in the series, I took a gamble and tried to make them, er, not boring. I honestly think I did good as of writing this description, certainly ten times better than KDDC. (^^')

Jewcase KWBaWC.png


First Released 10/10/2020

Yeah I just never put this on my page lol. This mod simply replaces Junko in Stage 6 with a custom Ringo boss fight, dialogue and all. I like her themes in FFF, and that's why I made this. Speaking of which, this includes unfixable music issues (hence the 98MB se_big.wav). If only ECLplus was in LoLK. (^^')

New Project.png

(Funny) Fish Mode

First Released 9/04/2020

This is a bonus stage for KDDC that I worked on during KDDC's production sometimes. It was my excuse to fiddle around with Wakasagihime's nonspells to some sweet music and pretty much nothing else. Don't expect anything super-duper groundbreaking.

Fish Mode(1).png

Kaizo DDC

First Released 8/11/2020 | Happy 7th Anniversary, DDC!

This is a janked up DDC that effects visuals, some music, and, most importantly, gameplay. The attacks are harder, faster, and stronger too! I even threw in lots of much needed variety here and there! The whole game is finished, though the Main Game is far more interesting in my opinion. Either way, I hope you get a great challenge out of it!


Aya but Worse!!

Released 7/29/2020

Ayayaya! This is a silly mod made in an hour or two that makes Aya MoF much worse than what she already was! Just a test mod if I can upload stuff. Go in here with a fresh mind, because it's pretty broken.