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4 April 2018

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2 April 2018

     09:58Th15/Spell cards/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +53) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Probably waaaaay too long. Can't figure out a way to purge danmaku and make it concise.)

29 March 2018

     21:17Th15/Reisen's Extra/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; -15) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links ‎ ‎

27 March 2018

N   11:52Th15/Spell cards/en-alt ‎(19 changes; hist; +3,642) ‎    ‎[Dubious‎×19]

23 March 2018

    16:31Th15/Reisen's Extra/en-alt ‎(56 changes; hist; +2,862) ‎    ‎[Dubious‎×56]

22 March 2018

N   17:20Th15/Reisen's Extra/en-alt ‎(21 changes; hist; +4,686) ‎    ‎[Dubious‎×21]
N   16:38Th15/Reisen's Scenario/en-alt ‎(188 changes; hist; +18,978) ‎    ‎[Dubious‎×188]
 N   12:15tdb:th15 17/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +29) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Created page with "Shrine Maiden Back From Space")
 N   12:14tdb:th15 14/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +28) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Created page with "A World of Nightmares Unseen")
 N   12:14tdb:th15 13/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +37) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Created page with "Pure Furies ~ Where the Heart Resides")
 N   12:13tdb:th15 12/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +30) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Created page with "Sea Reflecting the Home Planet")
 N   12:10tdb:th15 11/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +24) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Created page with "Clown of Star and Stripe")
 N   12:10tdb:th15 09/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +35) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Created page with "Wheel of Fortune Spinning Backwards")
 N   12:09tdb:th15 06/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +27) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Created page with "Maiden Flight Through Space")
 N   12:08tdb:th15 04/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +38) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Created page with "Pure Moonlight Reflecting Off the Lake")
 N   12:07tdb:th15 02/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +34) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Created page with "A Green Memento Not Soon Forgotten")
 N   12:03tdb:th15 01/en-alt ‎(diff; hist; +22) ‎    ‎DubiousShow user links (Created page with "Shrine Maiden in Space")
N   11:49Th15/Music/en-alt ‎(2 changes; hist; +633) ‎    ‎[Dubious‎×2]

21 March 2018

    20:20Th16/Reimu's Scenario/en-alt ‎(40 changes; hist; +1,780) ‎    ‎[Lollipop‎×40]


Hello, and welcome to the page for the Alternate English translation! Our goal is to create a translation that keeps the meaning of the story same, but alters the words used to make it sound new and fresh.

Currently we have completed:

  • in Perfect Cherry Blossom:
    • Reimu's Scenario
  • in Mountain of Faith:
    • Reimu's Scenario, Reimu's Endings, Reimu's Extra
    • Marisa's Scenario, Marisa's Endings, Marisa's Extra
  • in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom:
    • Reisen's Main and Extra Scenarios

Translation Guidelines

  • While deviating slightly from the story is encouraged, don't go too far and completely change the plot.

Other Alternate Patches

Another different translation are the old english static patches from the wiki.