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About me


I am the Nazeo. In real life I am a soldier serving in the National Guard. Currently I am going for a degree in medicine. I enjoy cosplaying and other such activities.

Online I am a Touhou Fan. I used to be an admin for several places before resigning as well as doing miscellaneous things in the fandom up until my resignation. Currently I work with Developer NamelessLegacy as the Relations Manager for the Touhou Patch Center he has designed. My duties include being an intermediary, occasional bug tester, manual labor, and anything else the project needs. On my down time, you can catch me working on this and that on Touhou Wiki as well as taking any requests people ask of me ( which is something I really enjoy doing ); if it's within my power, consider it done.

Oh, and I no longer use IRC to communicate. You can contact me offsite via the below methods.


These symbols are some of the aliases I have used over the years.

◒◒ G.R.A.Y.

(_) The Albino Monster

Nazeo (Everything)

❂❂ Malakos

Places to Find Me

Place Availability
nazeo_aelko_nezen on Skype Frequent
Tumblr Frequent
Twitter Frequent
MotK Moderate




What I'm up to

Relation work.

Progress Meter

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