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Introduction of characters and spoiler

Shanghai Alice visionary director ZUN
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------
=========================================================== ==================
■ 0. Settings table of contents
=========================================================== ==================
■ 1. Extra story
■ 2. Character setting

* In the future, there is intense spoilage related after the ending
Whether you cleared or gave up, just look at those who do not care about anything

Before this, one astronomical unit

=========================================================== ==================
■ 1. Extra story
=========================================================== ==================

Hakurei Shrine.
Reimu and Sanae are talking about the blasting boat and the white lotus.
Marisa jumps in there in a hurry.

Marisa "Reimu, it's tough!"
Reimu "What a loud noise"
Sanae Sansei "Did you do something?"
Marisa "To the UFO that was scattered all over, I was on something!
I saw with this eyes! "

Marisa, the chips of the UFO type fancy stock acquired by chance.
It had a strange secret.

Reimu "But that UFO was a piece of the skull?
Because it is a flying store, I asked Hakurei about drifting in the air even if it broke into pieces. "
Marisa "The fragments of the skull are here!"

Marisa pulled out old fragments of wood pieces.

Did you mean: '''早苗 「何ですか? そのボロボロの板切れは」 魔理沙「ほらよ」'''
Sanae Sansee "What is that plateau?"
Marisa "Hey,"

That said, Marisa threw a piece of wood to Sanae.
Sanae 's hand that I tried to pick in a panic grasped the sky.
How wood pieces remained in the air, never falling down.

Sanae "Are you floating in the air ...?"
Reimu: Surely, those who are more than UFOs are fragments of the flying jacket, do not you think.
But, White Lotus are fragments of the UFO ....
      What's wrong? A piece of wood floating in this air "
Marisa "Actually, I tried opening a small UFO"
Reimu "Where did it come in?"

Marisa shook his head.

Marisa "No, it is wrong.
It was a small snake that was inside.
And it is a snake that turns into a bird from a snake!
Moreover, once I removed that creature, the UFO changed into a piece of wood. "
Sanae Sansee "I do not understand anything at all.
So where did the serpent go? "
Marisa "Serpent faced the sky so as to escape"
Sanae Sansei "In the sky ...?"