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Secret Sealing Nightmare Diary ~ Violet Detector.


                 Team Shanghai Alice Leader ZUN


Hi, ZUN here.

It's been a long time since I did a shoot 'em up in such an atypical style, and I wonder if you have been enjoying it.

It seems like a mini-game collection, yet forms up as a single story. This is the atmosphere that I was trying to achieve.

This time it's both challenging and unforgiving, considering that there's not a single "new player friendly" mechanics here to save you, and I have a sound reason for this. For this game, I aimed to provide you that feeling of proud when you try your hardest to figure out that most ruthless pattern, all by your own efforts. The story is merely a hook that keeps you interested, which means that this game does not offer easier difficulty as it is not a game that is designed around people who are only interested walking through the story.

Games that endorse player skills are quite rare recently, so I really hope you would enjoy this vibe of accomplishment by perfecting your own skills.

I did say it's hard, but it's not really the unreasonable level of hard, don't get too scared there (sweat).

To read the story, advancing to the next day whenever you can. Your esper level will also go up as you progress, and completing the previous scenes with new power-ups later would be much easier.

This will be a cakewalk for advanced players, and I hope this game wouldn't be too underwhelming for you... In this case, you might consider aiming for the highest photo score. That's not going to be easy.

                  ZUN (Please no the nightmares about me being late)