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For more details on the earlier days of this project, see the old project thread on (in German).

Current "optional" features (doable at any time)

Feature Alternative Estimated time needed
Touhou game .exe scanner People would have to specify the paths manually in an external config file Minimal
Implement zipfile mechanics A few kilobytes more of storage space Not that much, but the resulting code refactoring...
TD English patch-style text layout engine, complete with support for MediaWiki's bold and italic markup. Would also prettify SA's assist boxes. Not too important of a feature. First world problem. A few days
Translation difference view -  ?
Do spell cards We'll use a lookup table system as seen in the PCB English patch to forgo ECL patching entirely and reduce the basic implementation time to pretty much a day or two (for all games, mind you). This is why we can still consider it for inclusion in the first public release. However, the expected game-specific alignment hacks will probably consume way more time.
Icon th06.png EoSD text beautifying EoSD will have cut-off, glitched and otherwise ugly text. Running on top of the English patch only fixes about half of the potential issues. At least one week of concentrated hacking
➜ Copy-paste all existing translations from's wiki farm, with priority on the English ones (Nazeo + other volunteers) Translators have to open them in a separate tab :-P A lot.

✔ "Proof of concept" phase

Item Finished
✔ Put up dialog data for all games 2012-02-18 (Icon th13.png TD on 2012-07-02)
✔ Write wiki → JSON parser 2012-05-12
✔ Write JSON → th06msg converter 2012-05-28

✔ Setup multilingual system

Item Finished
✔ Migrate story pages to Translate extension 2012-06-20
✔ Move from to 2012-06-24
✔ Nicely pack the data of the old German Touhou Wiki and send off to 2012-06-30

➜ Alpha development

✔ Game injection preparations

  • ✔ Look for the best code injection method (settled on a combination of an external loader using the Win32 debug API and remote DLL injection on 2012-07-06)
  • ✔ Fix ruby annotations in both converter and patcher (finished 2012-07-15, Screenshot)
  • ✔ Add technical patcher support for all games and create danmaku removal patches for quick testing of dialogs and spell card names
Game Finished Screenshot
Icon th125.png DS 2012-07-08 [1]
Icon th11.png SA 2012-07-19 YouTube
Icon th12.png UFO 2012-07-21 [2]
Icon th13.png TD (for RemiShama) 2012-08-11 [3]
Icon th128.png GFW 2012-08-11 [4]
Icon th10.png MoF 2012-08-14 [5]
Icon th09.png PoFV 2012-08-21 [6] [7] [8]
Icon th08.png IN 2012-08-25 [9]
Icon th07.png PCB 2012-09-01 [10]
Icon th06.png EoSD (✔ Breakpoints, ✔ Danmaku removal, ✔ Larger text boxes

(glitches every other instance of text rendering without more extensive fixes)

2012-09-05 (partly) [11] [12]
Icon th095.png StB 2012-09-05 [13]
Icon alcostg.png UB 2012-09-05

If you like to use these prototypes to proofread your translations or to advertise this project (via Let's Plays, conventions, etc.), drop by in the IRC channel and ask Nmlgc for a custom preview build.

Improve wiki presentation

  • ✔ Set up mail server and Twitter account
  • ✔ Launch new main page
  • ✔ Don't forget to add Twitter and Facebook links somewhere (preferably sidebar)
  • ➜ Look into MediaWiki-based issue/bug tracking systems with voting support. This would allow users to vote on the order in which project features are to be implemented, and it would make the development schedule way more transparent
  • (looks like we'll end up doing this on Github anyway)
  • (not sure if we even need one at this point)
  • ✔ Implement CC-BY-SA licensing
  • ✔ Write project overview pages on wiki
  • ✔ Clean up that duplication mess in the About/Policy/FAQ drafts
    • About: General information about the project. Features, motivations, goals, and why we need this wiki.
    • Technical: All details on the workings of the patch engine.
    • Wiki security
    • FAQ: Everything else.
    • Policy: Do we need this? If we do, it's only purpose will be to say "we're not afraid of posting endings" and "feel free to copy-paste every existing translation under a free license".
  • ➜ About
  • ✔ Security
  • Technical (to be written at a later point)
  • Timeline/History (?)
  • ✔ FAQ
  • ✔ Multilingual templates
    • ✔ Multilingual music theme list; benchmark whether the "external" JSON system is faster than page transclusion
      • ✔ Slightly faster. Doesn't really make a difference, but we need the system for the node data anyway.
  • ➜ Template documentation
  • Category pages (yes, these are useless for the most part, but all those red links don't look that good)
  • Implement IRC caching
  • ✔ Update Translate extension and implement language variety support if necessary
    • Will only be a convenience feature on the wiki side. For untranslated boxes, existing translations of the closest fallback language are shown in the third column instead of the Japanese text.

➜ Build technical game support interface on wiki

  • ➜ "Build patch central". Settle on the JSON file/information structure, and write the patcher code to use it.
  • Write extension to execute the JSON conversion scripts server-side and mirror the resulting files to other hosts
  • Implement new translation progress caching for wiki (if newer versions of the Translate extension don't fix this problem)
  • Write downloader component
  • Clean source code and upload to Github
  • Create first trailer
  • Search Distant Phantasm for fitting trailer music (Nazeo)
  • Add game-specific technical information (ECL/MSG opcode reference, details on patching difficulties and how to deal with them) to wiki

Release alpha version

  • "Connect everything"

Deal with more game formats

  • Graphics. If we end up doing Touhou 13.5, it would be good if we had already done a lot of the general graphics support.
  • Endings. This topic will most certainly cause a shitstorm, as it has already happened once with the Swedish community and Lunatic Red. Hence, we start with them to keep the expected damage at a minimum.
  • Spell cards (if not yet done by then)
  • Music room
  • EoSD stage and music titles

Next ZUN game release

  • Wait for ZUN to announce the release of the next main series game (or even just a trial thereof)
  • Create a "personal appeal"-style trailer explicitly mentioning that game and spam it across forums and image boards in an attempt to get support of those translators that would usually translate on
  • Prepare livestream
  • Have a big patching party on release day