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○弾幕アマノジャク (Danmaku Amanjaku) ~ Impossible Spell Card.


                              Team Shanghai Alice Leader ZUN

■1. Afterword

Greetings, this is ZUN.
Woah, looks like I somehow managed to burn a CD.
This game took much less development time than a regular one, so it felt like the crunch began the moment I started to work.
It's probably because I didn't even spend a month on actual work...

It's really fun creating things, even if the development is so extreme.
Fostering a project that changes like a living being feels like having a pet.
Although, games won't change one bit if you don't do anything.

Well now, how was Danmaku Amanojaku?
A classical danmaku game with a classic equipment system, experiences of growth, learning and then clearing...
There are no brand-new systems that would add any details.
But I think that on the outlook, it looks like no other game.
Perhaps, the idea for a true "only one of its kind" game was actually hidden in plain sight all along.

Good game experience involves conquering your goals through strategy, effort and patient play.
I think this game can deliver such experience.
It makes an emphasis on it.
But aren't there too many games in which the effort part largely relies on randomness?
Oh look! Super rares, legendaries!... Endlessly collecting random drops with cute pictures and parameters over an infinite amount of game updates...
I feel like I'm nearing my limit.
Maybe it's just the thoughts of a grown-up who doesn't want to kill his time with serious games,
but if these are going to be the only games left in this world, my alcohol will go bad too.

Most importantly, if young people don't experience the sense of achievement from games,
there might not be developers for future games.
Or maybe... there won't even be creative people at all without games.
This game may be difficult, but I really want young people to play it as well.

But no matter how arrogantly I say it, if it were too hard, you wouldn't be able to clear it.

Though that would be natural.
It's Amanojaku after all.

As a hint, in the later stages, item setup and levels mean a lot.
After that it's up to your patience and luck.

ZUN (This game required the most playtesting time during its development. So exhausted)

The protagonist is an enemy character from Double Dealing Character.
The story of this game is sort of a sequel to Double Dealing Character.
At least it takes over its setting.

Stage 5 Boss - The Counterattacking Amanojaku

Kijin Seija

Species: Amanojaku
Ability: Capable of turning over anything

An amanojaku who plots social upheaval.
Amanojaku aren't oni, but just a particularly twisted type of youkai.

She's always thinking the opposite of what other people think.
She likes what people hate, and falls into self-loathing when she makes them happy.
She never listens to orders. Even if she profits off something, she doesn't give anything in return.
It was only natural that humans and youkai disliked her, but she was happy to be disliked.

Her ambition was to turn Gensokyo upside-down.
She wanted to smash the current, stable Gensokyo where the strong ruled the land,
and change it into one where the weak had more value.

However, she didn't have the power to do that.
Then, she laid her eyes upon the treasure of the inchlings, the "Miracle Mallet".