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The Divine Spirit Mausoleum.


A Taoist temple constructed by Miko for the purpose

of training.\. Since it's a space created by hermit arts,

it's unclear if it's actually in Gensokyo.


A number of eccentrics are making an effort to become one of

the hermits.\. However, most humans lack the

qualities to become a hermit.


Futo: "--I see.\. So that mask youkai was someone like that."


Miko: "In order to stop the emotions from running wild I

have no choice but to make a mask of hope.\.

Now,\. to gather the materials."


Futo: "Please let me be of thine assistance."\.

Miko: "In that case,\. go and gather the crystallized hope

from devoted believers."


Futo: "As thou wishes!"


Miko: "...what's all this?"\.

Futo: "These appear to be everyone's hope-filled goods."\.

Miko: "Er... With 'crystallization of hope'..."


Miko: " I meant something more abstract than this..."\.

Futo: "You mean like a portrait or something?"\.

Miko: "More like Divine Spirits and the sort."


Futo: "Yes, Ma'am!\. Let me correct my mistake!\. ...incidentally,\. where is the original mask of hope?"


Miko: "Who knows?\.

But making a new one is more reliable than

searching for it."


Futo: "It certainly is,\. but...\.

Excuse my rudeness,\. but putting a foreign substance

into a mask like that sounds a bit..."


Miko: "It's fine.\.

I should know,\. since I made the original."\.

Futo: "Eh?"


Miko: "It's quite a nostalgic object,\. really."\. Futo: "Is-is that so?"


Miko quickly completed the mask of hope.

She accomplished the goal of restoring people's hope,\.

which she had originally set out to gather popularity for.


What will happen to Kokoro after getting her hands on the new mask of hope?


Only this did neither Miko nor Futo know.\. It will become that sort of thing.

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