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Versus <anyone>


2In the Dream World, it's not uncommon for desires to manifest like that.


3This notebook is my dream journal. The dreams of everyone who's ever dreamt are recorded here.

Versus Reimu Hakurei


4Your dream self is always taking it easy. Maybe you should take some time off?


5Thank you for the other day. The Lunarians have all returned home.

Versus Marisa Kirisame


6Your dream self is often performing superhuman acts. Could you perhaps be enamored with youkai?

Versus Ichirin Kumoi


7In the Dream World, you're often

treated like a highly respected Temple Guru.

How straightforward.

Versus Byakuren Hijiri


8To you, the Dream World

and the Real World aren't much different at all.

Is this the result of your training?

Versus Mononobe no Futo


9Your dream self is often in a leadership position. Just like the one you look up to.

Versus Toyosatomimi no Miko


10You often dream of watching over and ruling the world.

You really are exclusory.

You wish to control Gensokyo, don't you?

Versus Nitori Kawashiro


11You're always tinkering with machines,

both while asleep and awake.

To think I'd find such a pure soul.

Versus Koishi Komeiji



You don't dream at all?

Your heart is so hollow...

Versus Mamizou Futatsuiwa


13In your dreams,

you seem to be terrified of humans.

Are you scared of the ones in the outside world?

Versus Hata no Kokoro


14You're quite a bother in your dreams,

always acting up.

Are your emotions out of control?

Versus Kasen Ibaraki


15In your dreams,

you live carefree in a beautiful, tranquil world.

How unexpected.

Versus Fujiwara no Mokou


16Have you given up on dreaming big? The Dream World you is always so quiet.

Versus Shinmyoumaru Sukuna


17In you're dreams you're always gigantic. You've got a major complex about it.

Versus Sumireko Usami


18You're a special human. Your spirit comes and goes along with your dream self.

Versus Reisen Udongein Inaba


19Good to see you again.

Thank you for visiting the dream corridor back then.

I'm glad to see you're doing well.

Versus Doremy Sweet


20I've got to monitor all the rampaging dream dwellers.

Versus Tenshi Hinanawi


21And here she is,

the troublemaker with too much freedom.

Your pure spirit is on the level of a baby.

Versus Yukari Yakumo


22You're always lurking in the Dream World, aren't you?

Versus Joon Yorigami


23You'd really like to live a modest and simple life, don't you?


24You only ever dream about eating to your heart's content. Huh.

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